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My attention of late has been focused on how to be more action-oriented, and I realized I’ve been poorly equipped with tools (techniques, processes, frameworks, and technologies) for Getting Shit Done [GSD].
So I have been experimenting with different ways of holding myself accountable and moving towards more integrity in thought :: word :: action.
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As Jonah Sachs notes, it’s marketers and designers who are closing this myth gap and infusing our culture with the new stories we can choose about how to live our lives and exist in the world. It’s a powerful message, and one that seems pretty accurate to me. People are disillusioned and lacking trust, and a new story infused with simplicity, aesthetics, beauty and grace will go far. Continue reading

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Future of Facebook

Thanks to everyone who participated and responded to the four question survey for the Future of Facebook Project. Below are your results! We’ll be integrating these responses with the ones given by the experts for our final video and written report. Continue reading

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Telcos Become Banks - Facebook Next?

I came across an article yesterday on GigaOm – Dreams of mobile payments lead telco to try banking – notifying us that Rogers, a Canadian mobile carrier, has filed to become a bank. It makes sense, as we see various iterations of mobile wallets coming into existence, and carriers looking for a new revenue stream. Of course, it’s yet to be seen if ‘ease and convenience’ will be enough of an impetus for consumers to make the switch from the physical medium of paper and plastic to a virtual form that may still seem foreign or less secure. This does bring me back to a question posed earlier this year about the potential of Facebook becoming a bank. I’m reminded of an interview we conducted for the Future of Facebook Project with JP Rangaswami, the chief scientist at and Venture Partner at Anthemis Group, who said: “Facebook is the … Continue reading

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Future of Facebook

We live in stormy times. Accelerating change in technology and information is transforming our world, making it more difficult to predict and navigate. Opportunities and challenges alike are growing in scale and complexity, as reflected in massive fast-growing systems like Facebook. It’s important to think about these things now and generate predictions and scenarios for possible futures, so that sensible actions can be taken today. In the case of Facebook, it’s worth considering the economic implications of a global network that could soon reach a billion people. To address this and similar challenges, we’re developing Open Foresight – a social response to accelerating change. It’s a new process that crowdsources the future of given topics, as demonstrated by the Future of Facebook pilot project. It’s different because it structures data around established futures categories and methods, then synthesizes that information into easily digestible video format. Using a STEEP Analysis to … Continue reading

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Share or Die

This post is a contribution I made to Shareable magazine’s new ebook – Share or Die. hope you enjoy my story. It’s October 2010, and I’m reclined in an all expenses paid seat in business class on a flight to Berlin. I’m going there for two weeks to collaborate on a video project with a couple of artists I met online, then flying to Amsterdam to present the video to a room full of bankers at the largest financial services conference on the planet. I’m not a media producer, nor do I work in the financial industry. All I can think to myself is “How the hell did I get here?” Rewind about a year and a half, and I’ve just started an MA in Media Studies at the New School in NYC. I have a vague sense that the Web is the future, and I want to understand what … Continue reading

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Is Facebook a Liberator or The Man?

This post is highlighting content areas for The Future of Facebook project, a six-part video series exploring the impacts of social networking technologies on our lives and business. Social networks are a tool for activism and civic engagement, as well as a means of control, manipulation, and surveillance. What is the role Facebook will play in local and global political processes? As futurist Chris Arkenberg put it, “Facebook really represents a battleground for ideas. It’s becoming an area for propaganda, for influence, for memetics, for advertising, for marketing. It is like any other public square: highly diverse and opinionated, potentially volatile and easily influenced by third parties.” In an aspirational future scenario, we can imagine Facebook as a place that would encourage political transparency as well as civic engagement. For political candidates, it would be a channel to communicate one’s platform, discuss issues in a fashion that is …

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