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We all know that no one reads books any more, right? It’s because of the internet, and twitter, and Justin Bieber, I think. The argument for this was summed up by Nicholas Carr in his article Is Google Making Us Stupid? Continue reading

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Innovation is Strategy; Strategy is Innovation

Most of us have an extra gear that rarely kicks in. The three obstacles to hitting your top gear are ignorance, apathy and fear – and we need to work through all three to innovate. Continue reading

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Pay Attention!

People always tell us “pay attention.” What do we get in return for this payment? If we do it right, we can get better ideas – it’s actually an awfully good deal Continue reading

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Innovation: Are You a Gardener or an Architect?

When you’re doing something new, do you plan it out in advance, or start in and see what emerges?
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The Most Important Phrase in Innovation

The most important phrase in innovation is… Continue reading

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Are You Aiming High Enough?

Every innovative idea has some risk in it. But sometimes, with higher risk we can find unusually high rewards. For a lot of innovators, we need to be aiming higher. Continue reading

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If we try to completely protect ourselves from failure, we’ll never learn. And if we don’t learn, we don’t grow. To grow, we have to take risks, and we have to mess up. If we learn from this, we’ll be ok. Continue reading

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