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Adapt or Perish? How About Neither?

The business environment is changing – that’s something we should have our heads around by now. How should we respond? I was on a panel at an event sponsored by the Queensland Branch of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia discussing exactly this issue at the end of last month. Continue reading

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When External Speed is Faster than Internal Speed

Mary Meeker’s annual report on internet trends shows how the market for smartphone operating systems has been completely transformed in eight years. This holds some important innovation lessons. Continue reading

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Making Ideas Real, Simplicity & TED Talks

One of the critical parts of innovation is getting your great new idea to spread. How we tell the story around the idea has a lot to do with how successful we are in doing this. I’ve been thinking a lot about this because of two recent events: giving a talk at TEDxUQ – and the wrap-up of our projects this year in our collaboration with Wharton in their Global Consulting Practicum (GCP). Continue reading

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Tools for Unlocking Innovation

The posts that caught my attention this week all connect to ideas that we can use to unlock innovation in our organisations. Continue reading

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Making Your Own Space for Creativity

One of the big challenges in innovation is clearing out your head (and your schedule) enough to put in the effort to think creatively. The posts that caught my attention this week are organised around this theme.. Continue reading

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We all know that no one reads books any more, right? It’s because of the internet, and twitter, and Justin Bieber, I think. The argument for this was summed up by Nicholas Carr in his article Is Google Making Us Stupid? Continue reading

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Innovation is Strategy; Strategy is Innovation

Most of us have an extra gear that rarely kicks in. The three obstacles to hitting your top gear are ignorance, apathy and fear – and we need to work through all three to innovate. Continue reading

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