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Your organization is a cult!

People have personalities, and so do organizations. Many would call this their culture. This is an appropriate word since it is related to the word “cult.” Everyone in your organization most likely fits the mold. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Outsmart Your Brain And Be More Innovative

You are alive today. You were alive yesterday. You were alive the day before that. This is good news from a survival perspective. Unfortunately it is bad news from an innovation perspective. Continue reading

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TopCoder is one of the best-kept secrets in open innovation. Their approach to open innovation is distinctive; something I have not seen elsewhere. I have to say, it’s all quite impressive.

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The other day I was speaking with a CEO who wanted me to help facilitate a conversation around the crafting of the company’s purpose statement. I asked her, “Why do you want to do this?” Continue reading

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Design to Handle the Exception - Not for the Exception

While going through security at the airport the other day, I was reminded of an important design and innovation concept… Continue reading

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Lessons of Pawn Stars

Yes, you read that correctly. PAWN Stars. This reality television show on The History Channel chronicles a pawn shop outside of Las Vegas. I enjoy the show because of the history associated with the pieces that are brought in for sale. In addition to rifles from the revolutionary war and antique political documents, people bring in some unusual items like old videos games, dilapidated cars, and various novelty items. Continue reading

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Ideas, Ideas Everywhere

There’s an old tale that goes… Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. Inside of organizations, there’s a corollary… Ideas, ideas every where, Nor any one can think. Continue reading

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