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The Power of Positive Constraints

In the world of innovation, there seems to be this belief that we’re supposed to let everybody be free thinkers and let them do whatever they want. But this actually destroys innovation. We need structure. We need constraints. I’ll give you a really simple example… Continue reading

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I recently spoke at an event called Crowdopolis. The topic was crowdsourcing. This has become one of the hot buzzwords in business. Companies of all sizes are dipping their toes into crowdsourcing. Continue reading

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I’s like to talk about a philosophy that I call the “20/80/80 principle.” It’s a way for extracting the greatest amount of value out of what you’re doing, with the least amount of effort, thus freeing you up to do other things. Continue reading

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6-Step Blueprint for Creating a Culture of Innovation

The question I get most often from my Fortune 500 clients: “How do we create a culture of innovation?” Although there is no simple answer, here’s a blueprint I’ve found useful to get things started and build momentum. Continue reading

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Your organization is a cult!

People have personalities, and so do organizations. Many would call this their culture. This is an appropriate word since it is related to the word “cult.” Everyone in your organization most likely fits the mold. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Outsmart Your Brain And Be More Innovative

You are alive today. You were alive yesterday. You were alive the day before that. This is good news from a survival perspective. Unfortunately it is bad news from an innovation perspective. Continue reading

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TopCoder is one of the best-kept secrets in open innovation. Their approach to open innovation is distinctive; something I have not seen elsewhere. I have to say, it’s all quite impressive.

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