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Innovators Ask Questions

Imagine that I am holding a glass of water. Here’s a question for you (you know this one)… What is the difference between a pessimist, and optimistic, an efficiency expert, and an innovator? Continue reading

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The Power of Purposeful Tangents

According to a recent Huffington Post/YouGov poll 28% of Americans did not read a book last year. As an author, I find this both disappointing and yet not surprising. Fortunately most people read. But is what you are reading enhancing your creativity, or just furthering your intellect? Continue reading

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Driving Your Differentiator Down

Imagine you are a company that produces products for consumers. It could be toothpaste or soft drinks. You decide that your differentiator is your marketing. Given this, you might assume that the marketing department is the most important part of the business. Continue reading

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Innovate Where You Differentiate

Although some innovation experts say that you want “everyone innovating everywhere,” I believe this is bad advice. Continue reading

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Bring Me Better Problems

In life and in business, we are often told, “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” From my perspective, this is bad advice. I want people to bring me bigger and better problems. Continue reading

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The Value of "Line" Thinking

While spending time recently at 3M, I learned that 80% of their innovations are “line solutions.” That is, multiple domains of expertise are involved. Although this may be unusual within other organizations, at 3M, this is the norm. They are masterful at connecting dots. Continue reading

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All Ideas Can't Be Good Ideas

It’s very important for innovators to understand confirmation bias, because every person is convinced they have a billion dollar idea. They’ve got the next big idea that’s going to change the world and make them rich. But what happens is their confirmation bias only allows them to see the evidence that supports their belief that they have a great idea. Their brain doesn’t allow them to see all the evidence that proves it’s actually a bad idea. Continue reading

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