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You Always Have to Sell Innovation

As an innovation leader or intrapreneur, you always have something to sell. In the end it is a product or a service, but during the development of a revenue-generator, you have to sell a vision to internal and external stakeholders. Continue reading

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How to Use Yammer to Drive Innovation

Many companies use Yammer to drive innovation and especially idea generation / development within their company. They often learn that it is fairly easy to recruit people for the Yammer platform which lets employees share and connect with coworkers in a private, secure enterprise social network. Continue reading

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Is Innovation in Asia Different?

Yes, innovation in Asia is different than what we see in the more Western parts of the world where the science of innovation management has been progressing longer. I recently read a great book, Leading Innovasian – Embedding Innovation Culture in Malaysian Organizations, and I liked the perspectives on Asian innovation given by Azim Pawanchik and Dr. Suraya Sulaiman from Alpha Catalyst Consulting. I got their permission to share the below insights from the book… Continue reading

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Reflections on Open Innovation and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights (IPR) used to be the key topic at open innovation conferences a few years back. Although still an important topic, this is no longer the case as companies mature on open innovation and find ways to solve these issues. Continue reading

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Using Social Media for Innovation - 11 Great Reads

As I’m doing the research for my next book, which focuses on the intersection of open innovation and social media, I want to share some of blog posts and articles that I find interesting. There were many good insights and I have inserted snippets for each read to give you an idea on what to expect. I am sure you can find lots of inspiration here! Continue reading

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Coping with Lame Ideas and Zombie Projects

Most corporate innovation units deal with “zombie” projects. Those are the projects that are killed by managers or executives because they do not match the strategy, do not hold enough potential – or more likely – do not have the right timing. Continue reading

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Lego's $50 Million Open Innovation Failure

The headline screams like a disaster. It’s not really that bad. Yes, Lego took a loss around that size when they decided to shut down their online game, Lego Universe, but they also learned some valuable lessons. Continue reading

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