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How to Advance Your Innovation Career

What can you do to advance your innovation career in times like this? Let me present some ideas and hopefully you can add more advice on this in the following discussion. Continue reading

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3 Phases of Innovation - Global, Open and Social Media

It is never boring working with innovation. Things happen faster and faster and frequent changes on HOW we innovate have become the norm rather than the exception. Continue reading

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Ten Red Flags for Innovation - Why It Fails

What are the signs that innovation in a company is set up to fail? Wouldn’t it be great to have a checklist on this? Unfortunately, innovation is too complicated and company-specific for one standard rule. It is possible, however, to become better at spotting the signs of failure. Continue reading

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The Big Innovation Leap

How does a company move from a phase where innovation is more about awareness or curiosity to a phase where innovation is a capability that becomes a key element in the overall strategy? This is a big innovation leap that many corporate innovators struggle with. Continue reading

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The Side Effects of Open Innovation

Open innovation will not only lead to new ways of making innovation happen. Innovation leaders and their executives will also experience side effects. I think most of these effects will be positive, but some will be mixed or perhaps even negative. Continue reading

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Insight into Open Innovation

These insights are based on a recent interview I did with Allagi, an open innovation service provider in Brazil. I think the following benefits are the most relevant for small as well as big companies when it comes to open innovation: Continue reading

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25 Key Questions on Open Innovation Implementation

What are the key questions that corporate innovation leaders must consider as they prepare to make important decisions related to the implementation of open innovation at their companies? Continue reading

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