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Too Much Innovation? Can a Company Over-Innovate?

Is it possible for a company to over-innovate? I was asked this question recently by Tom Jantzen. The simple answer is “Yes”. Continue reading

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True Innovators -10 Insights That Define Them

There are many ways to identify true innovators. Let me start out with five sentences that really annoy true innovators.
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Why Corporate Innovation Fails – Survey Insights

I am currently looking into why corporate innovation fails and how corporate innovators deal with this failure. Continue reading

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The First Mover Effect in Open/Business Model Innovation

A while back, I spoke with innovation people from a big automotive manufacturer. We talked about the automotive industry and open innovation. They said that there is already lots of collaboration going on in their industry and that it resembles open innovation in some ways. Continue reading

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Stretching the Concept of Open Innovation

Given the maturity of open innovation and crowdsourcing today, it has become fairly common to bring external resources into an innovation process. Just check this list of 40 examples. Continue reading

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Top 5 Countries for Open Innovation – 2012

Stefan Lindegaard’s look at 2012 Open Innovation Leaders by Country… Continue reading

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Twitter - An Important Tool for Innovation Efforts

This is the first post in a series where I look into how you can use the four leading social media tools – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube – to advance your innovation agenda.
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