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The Innovation Out-Performers

Marissa Mayer is doing some interesting things at Yahoo. When it comes to HR practices, she is definitely taking some heat (banning remote work) and this also goes with their latest initiative in which she pushes for a forced ranking of the employees. Continue reading

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Strong Leaders in the Context of Innovation

I have often said that Apple is a bad example for learning on innovation because it is a very unique company (at least it was during the leadership of Steve Jobs). Since it was/is such a unique company, we should be careful on their innovation moves as they would be difficult to apply to a ”normal” company.. Continue reading

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When External Speed is Faster than Internal Speed

It’s true for all organizations. The outside world is just faster and they can do things better than what you can with your internal resources. It is a simple matter of size and diversity. This sounds like a total downside, but there are also opportunities related to this because your company does not have to be faster than the entire outside world. Continue reading

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Four Factors for Innovation Driven Prosperity

I have the privilege of visiting many countries in my work and this has given me some insights into how countries deal differently with innovation and entrepreneurship. It also makes me wonder what really drives prosperity and the role innovation has on this. Continue reading

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Innovation is Strategy; Strategy is Innovation

I recently had an interaction with a smaller company working on their future strategy which basically is to grow much more rapidly than what they have been doing in the past.. Continue reading

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7 Steps for Building a Top 100 Innovation Company

I was recently asked these two questions on innovation culture: What would be your approach/steps to create an entrepreneurial and innovational culture? What are the elements, processes and tools that a large organization can typically do to become a top 100 innovative company? Continue reading

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What’s the Next Big Thing after Open Innovation?

Yes, I am very early here. The paradigm shift in which companies to a high degree merge internal and external resources in order to bring out better innovation has just begun and companies will spend the next 5-10 years getting better at this. But still, what comes after this paradigm shift of innovation? Continue reading

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