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For the innovation practitioner, the Tehachapi Loop is worth exploring as a set of guideposts for innovation. Continue reading

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Rheticus reminds us that sometimes taking time away from one’s day-to-day responsibilities can lead to great discoveries. Scott Bowden goes over four innovation lessons we can learn from Rheticus. Continue reading

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Through examples of shoveling snow, Scott Bowden teaches innovation practitioners two lessons that we can pull inspiration from through everyday challenges. Continue reading

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Innovate Like the Swamp Fox

Students of military history and the Revolutionary War recall the legend of the Swamp Fox, Brigadier General Francis Marion. Marion helped protect the low country of South Carolina (near Charleston) for the nascent American nation and fought against British Redcoats, Hessian mercenaries, Loyalist, and Tory forces. Marion received his nickname from the British General Banastre Tarleton who unsuccessfully… Continue reading

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Innovation Limit

A key element of the innovation process is the mechanism used by an innovation practitioner to determine the relative value of a particular idea or concept.  Whether this is a formal process, such as an integrated product development pipeline with phase gates and specific assessment criteria, or a… Continue reading

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Not So Fast Innovation

In a previous posting I relayed the story of a ship captain who counter-intuitively sped up when approaching an obstacle to increase his chances of successfully avoiding that obstacle.  In that example, a newly-built mega-cruise ship was… Continue reading

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Scott Bowden looks through the eyes of theorist and political economist Frederic Bastiat to expand his view of Broken WIndows Innovation. Continue reading

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