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Scott Bowden looks through the eyes of theorist and political economist Frederic Bastiat to expand his view of Broken WIndows Innovation. Continue reading

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There are a couple of analogies that are worth consideration with regard to how to understand the effect that an innovation practitioner can have on workshop participants: the billiard ball and the boxcar. Continue reading

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Innovation Fun

In a recent article about how to rekindle excitement for competitive sports, I immediately noticed parallels between what the author, Arianne Brown, was facing and what we in the innovation world face in terms of maintaining our energy levels in pursuit of innovation goals. Continue reading

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In the latest iteration of conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system has received a great deal of attention as a key innovation due to its efficacy… Continue reading

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World Cup Innovation

As I watched the matches over the last few weeks, I found myself thinking about how innovation practitioners could benefit from examining their work efforts using examples from soccer. From the start to the end of a match, soccer is rife with lessons learned for the innovator. Continue reading

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Does the adage of “what’s old is new” and “what’s new is old” seems contradictory with regards to innovation? Scott Bowden writes about the prevalence of once-forgotten innovations that have made a resurgence in the marketplace. Continue reading

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Enter General Motors. The innovation practitioner should not forget about the silver and bronze medal ideas, and a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Adam Auriemma highlights a case where such a practice takes place, albeit in the context of hiring practices. Continue reading

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