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World Cup Innovation

As I watched the matches over the last few weeks, I found myself thinking about how innovation practitioners could benefit from examining their work efforts using examples from soccer. From the start to the end of a match, soccer is rife with lessons learned for the innovator. Continue reading

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Does the adage of “what’s old is new” and “what’s new is old” seems contradictory with regards to innovation? Scott Bowden writes about the prevalence of once-forgotten innovations that have made a resurgence in the marketplace. Continue reading

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Enter General Motors. The innovation practitioner should not forget about the silver and bronze medal ideas, and a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Adam Auriemma highlights a case where such a practice takes place, albeit in the context of hiring practices. Continue reading

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Walking Innovation

Like the tennis ball on a modern walker and jugaad innovation, systeme D and the passerelles shows that simple ingenuity can drive effective outcomes for the innovator. Continue reading

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My favorite occurred when I was teaching a university course outdoors in Washington, DC and, by sheer coincidence, President Clinton walked by to greet students in the courtyard after giving a speech nearby. Continue reading

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Symphony Innovation

As a practitioner of innovation, I allowed my mind to wander during the performance to think about ways the symphony could increase its appeal to a broader audience. Continue reading

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What will you be pondering in 2014? Continue reading

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