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Symphony Innovation

As a practitioner of innovation, I allowed my mind to wander during the performance to think about ways the symphony could increase its appeal to a broader audience. Continue reading

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What will you be pondering in 2014? Continue reading

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Innovation Year-End Performance Review

As innovation practitioners, year-end is a good time for us to step back and think about how well we performed in our innovation roles in the previous year — with an eye towards leveraging lessons learned to improve the program next year. Although there are myriad ways of measuring innovation activity, the following list provides a starting set of criteria to assess one’s innovation efforts in 2013. Continue reading

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The Soft Underbelly of Innovation

In the never-ending search for new ideas, one strategy for the innovation practitioner is to look for an area of particular weakness for a company or organization, leveraging the assumption that such an area will be ripe for transformational improvement. Continue reading

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Innovation Lessons from Black Friday

For the innovation practitioner observing or, indeed, participating in this frenzy of shopping, two aspects of this period are worthy of additional investigation and can provide insights into the art of new thinking. Continue reading

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Pilgrim Innovation

Scott Bowden investigates how the story of Pilgrims coming to America… yields lessons for the modern-day innovation practitioner. Continue reading

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Taking on Showrooming – Full Speed Ahead

Scott Bowden looks at recent shifts from showrooming to “reverse showrooming” with examples from Best Buy and Target. Continue reading

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