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Building Up Innovation Capital

Today, the advantage increasingly goes to those firms that develop “imagination capital” – which is the capacity to dramatically reconceive what the firm is and imagine entirely new uses for its financial, structural and intellectual capital. Continue reading

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Will China 2.0 Out-Innovate Your Company?

After thirty years as a “workshop for the world”, China is steadily and resolutely moving up the value chain. And this transition – from low-cost manufacturing to world-class innovation, design and marketing – will change the rules of competition everywhere on earth, including inside China. Continue reading

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Strategic Renewal in the Business Model

In a world where the pace of change has gone hypercritical, today’s most important race is the race for strategic renewal. It is the race to change as fast as the environment is changing around you; the race to invent new sources of profit before the old ones disappear… Continue reading

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Up or Down - Innovation and Value are Key

When the economic barometer is pointing upward, all the talk in company boardrooms is about growth, innovation and value creation. When the global economy lingers in the doldrums, corporate strategy shifts inexorably back to the safe haven of operational efficiency. Continue reading

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Removing Risk from Bold Aspirations

The conventional wisdom about innovation is that companies should be less risk-averse. If this means they should try to increase their share of courageous employees who are willing to stand up and fight for ideas, then I would agree. Continue reading

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Matching Innovation Possibilities with Needs

Corporate innovation has traditionally been driven from the technology side; from departments like R&D and engineering. It’s an approach that can be very successful. Indeed, it has often led to great breakthroughs. But if a company wants to win in today’s value-based economy, this is no longer the best way of doing things. Continue reading

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Innovation Denial

Sometime over the next decade (if it hasn’t happened already), your company will be challenged to change in a way for which it has no historical precedent. Look around the world today and we see entire industries whose business models have gone belly up. The pharmaceutical industry has a fundamentally broken business model. The global grocery business has an imperiled business model. Continue reading

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