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What is the best way to organize a company’s resources for radical innovation? One thing is clear: it requires a distinctly different approach – as well as different organizational structures – compared to incremental innovation. Continue reading

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The No. 1 Challenge to Innovation

The biggest challenge to innovation is not how to generate new ideas and opportunities. It’s how to make innovation a deeply embedded capability in the organization. Continue reading

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Many companies and corporate leaders say they want to be innovative, but what does it take to truly make innovation a systemic capability? How can your company build an “Innovation Engine” that continuously drives growth and strategic renewal? Continue reading

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Innovators Challenge Orthodoxies: Elon Musk

Great innovators have an almost innate tendency to challenge industry orthodoxies. One of the best modern examples is Elon Musk of Paypal, SpaceX, and Tesla fame – a serial industry disruptor. This article is part one of a four-part series. Continue reading

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Building Up Innovation Capital

Today, the advantage increasingly goes to those firms that develop “imagination capital” – which is the capacity to dramatically reconceive what the firm is and imagine entirely new uses for its financial, structural and intellectual capital. Continue reading

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Will China 2.0 Out-Innovate Your Company?

After thirty years as a “workshop for the world”, China is steadily and resolutely moving up the value chain. And this transition – from low-cost manufacturing to world-class innovation, design and marketing – will change the rules of competition everywhere on earth, including inside China. Continue reading

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Strategic Renewal in the Business Model

In a world where the pace of change has gone hypercritical, today’s most important race is the race for strategic renewal. It is the race to change as fast as the environment is changing around you; the race to invent new sources of profit before the old ones disappear… Continue reading

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