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Eight Ways to Rethink Your Business Model

Regardless of type, my 25 years working with companies large and small, and with all manner of industry groups shows consistently that winning firms are those that don’t get trapped into conventional wisdom. Their leaders make it job one to challenge assumptions. They take time regularly to rethink. Use this list below to start a rethinking revolution in your firm: Continue reading

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Five Tech Megatrends That Are Changing the Game

In 10 years, over 40 percent of the Fortune 500 will no longer be around. By 2020, more than three fourths of the S&P 500 will be organizations that we have not heard of yet. Predictions like these are common these days. What if they turn out to be correct? Continue reading

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Six Hot Innovation Trends

Next week, thousands of people from around the world will gather in Boston to hear the latest developments in the fast-changing field of innovation. For me, the Front End of Innovation conference is a kind of homecoming, a place where I meet up with organizational practitioners and fellow consultants and thought leaders, and often learn of important emerging trends. In preparation for next week’s event… Continue reading

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Ideas Economy Logo

The media is always ranking “the most innovative companies”-Forbes does it. Fast Company does it. The Economist Intelligence Unit even does it. But what do innovation rankings really measure and do they help business leaders understand the new rules of innovation? Continue reading

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Are Chief Innovation Officers Delivering Results?

But the arrival of innovation czars represented a new approach to driving organic growth. The idea was to “put somebody in charge” who would lead innovation efforts. “A chief innovation officer needs to be a blend of marketer, technologist, strategist and businessperson,” observed BusinessWeek in a 2007 article. Fast-forward almost a decade and you can’t help but wonder: how’s it going? Are these new-breed CIOs delivering the goods? Continue reading

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WANTED! Innovation CEO

“I have come to realize how much time is wasted teaching managers about the practical skills of innovation,” notes veteran new products maven Thomas Kuczmarski in a recent blog. “It is the chief executive officer that needs the lesson.”
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Silicon Valley Still Driving America Forward

While the media constantly reminds us of dangers of unforeseen circumstances, America’s innovators are out busily creating favorable circumstances. American companies are lean and profitable. Continue reading

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