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Seek Out Unhappy Customers

A better source of incremental innovation is the customer. If you keep making your product better and easier to use for him or her then you are adding value rather than just adding features. The unhappy customer is the place to start – so seek him out. Continue reading

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Opening up your innovation initiatives to outsiders is seen as more effective than relying solely on your internal R&D or marketing departments. However, because this approach is so new there is a dearth of guidance on how to measure the success of open innovation activities. Continue reading

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Creativity of the Artist: Observe

One way to overcome this common problem is to appoint someone whose job it is to help managers find ideas. Continue reading

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Upbringing and experience seem to encourage girls to play it safe and boys to take risks. Continue reading

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The innovative organization had an atmosphere of constructive dissent. Anyone can challenge anything. Continue reading

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Innovation means Winners & Losers

What should you do if you see new technologies, innovations and business models that threaten your business? Develop a plan. Continue reading

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Innovation Lessons from the Fall of Giants

The lessons from the declines of these giants are many. Size and market dominance are no defence against technology innovation. Companies which see a serious threat must react early and decisively. Continue reading

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