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What Should Kodak Have Done? - Innovation Excellence

Maybe there was no smart way out. Do we have to accept that sometimes time is up for companies as well as people? Or maybe they missed something. What would you have done? Continue reading

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We live in a society where people are quick to take offense so we are encouraged to be polite and correct. But sometimes the best way to gain attention for your creative idea is to be outrageously provocative. Continue reading

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An Iridium Moment is a Strategic Blunder that can Kill your Company

Ismail defines an Iridium Moment as using linear tools and trends of the past to wrongly predict an accelerating future. Every company has to make important strategic decisions. We can see with hindsight that some decisions which looked smart at the time turned out to be dumb. Often it was because the wrong assumptions were made. Continue reading

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The innovation center needs the full support of the corporate leadership team. The report concludes that large corporations can tap into thriving technology hubs and innovation ecosystems. By empowering their innovation centers they can re-energize their innovation capability. Continue reading

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If you cannot pre-test then be prepared to iterate time and again, taking rejection as a source of feedback and improvement. It is painful but you might just end up with Angry Birds, Harry Potter or Google. Continue reading

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Many solutions that work in the developed world do not translate well to Africa so indigenous innovations are often a better answer. Continue reading

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Can you innovate with the under-utilized assets in your business? What by-product or surplus capacity could be put to better use? Continue reading

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