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The whole idea is to change the culture to one of fast entrepreneurial action rather than slow committee paralysis. People are encouraged to discuss problems but also to take actions whenever they think it is sensible to do so. Continue reading

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Your innovation profile should balance risk and reward and it should play to your strengths and resources. Continue reading

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Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation. Respond quickly to suggestions. Financially reward contributors. Implement the best ideas. Celebrate successful results. Continue reading

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How can we enthuse and empower a whole new generation of entrepreneurs? How can we double or treble the rate at which start-up businesses are formed? Can we build a ladder to take entrepreneurs all the way up? Continue reading

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The leaders of organisations pay lip service to open innovation and claim that their people are open to outside ideas and collaboration but the reality is very different. There appear to be a number of very real impediments: Cultural and Process Barriers… Continue reading

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Lessons in Innovation and Longevity from Hollywood

The people running the big studios are hard headed business professionals who know how to manage a portfolio of risky new products. Continue reading

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Volvo Saved My Life (ad)

In 1959 Nils Bohlin, an engineer at the Swedish Car Manufacturer Volvo, invented the first three point safety belt. It was much more effective than the standard lap belt (as still used on airplanes). Volvo, realising the importance of this invention, chose not to patent it but to share the idea with other vehicle manufacturers. They may have lost some revenues but their action undoubtedly saved many lives and it cemented Volvo’s reputation as a highly ethical company committed to safety. Continue reading

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