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Innovation means Winners & Losers

What should you do if you see new technologies, innovations and business models that threaten your business? Develop a plan. Continue reading

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Innovation Lessons from the Fall of Giants

The lessons from the declines of these giants are many. Size and market dominance are no defence against technology innovation. Companies which see a serious threat must react early and decisively. Continue reading

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Prediction markets are systems which forecast the outcome of projects or events based on how willing individuals are to buy “stock” in them. Continue reading

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Wrong Answer is the Right Answer to a Different Question

A good way to start a brainstorm is to deliberately look for wrong answers. Set the challenge and then ask people to think of crazy ideas which are just plain wrong. Then take some of the more outrageous wrong ideas and kick them around. People will be outside their comfort zone and they will approach the original challenge from a new perspective. Each crazy notion can be provocative and stimulating… Continue reading

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Why is change not happening? Who is impeding innovation? Middle managers get the blame. They are seen as the blockers. Continue reading

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Jorge Odon

Jorge Odon is an Argentinian car mechanic who has invented a simple device which could save millions of lives of mothers and babies. The story of his invention is remarkable and instructive. It all started when he was shown a YouTube video of a trick to remove a cork from inside a bottle. Continue reading

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Do Innovations Destroy or Expand the Market?

Apparently Socrates in ancient Greece was strongly opposed to the new practice of writing. He thought that it would kill the long-established skill of memorizing and reciting long stories. Furthermore he thought that writing would replace or discourage conversation. It seems ludicrous that any intellectual could oppose writing. However, every innovation involves an element of destruction. Continue reading

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