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Top Ten Causes of Innovation Failure

So who do you think form the group that are the most likely candidates for innovations consistent failure? Continue reading

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 Attraction Power - a strategy that is innovative in itself

All too often strategy is not influencing the behaviours and outcomes around innovation, it is simply allowing them to be left to chance. This lack of alignment and engagement is one of the main causes why many organizations seem to just simply ‘limp’ along in their innovation activity. Continue reading

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Can We Overturn Built-in Innovation Legacy?

Often organizations are weighed down by legacy. This comes in many forms; in its culture, in its history, its core markets or products, in its systems, structures and processes built around innovation practice. Continue reading

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World Economic Forum - Innovation Imperative from Davos

The World Economic Forum begins agenda for this year’s meeting in Davos, taking place between 23rd to 27th January, 2013 and saw Innovation is back on the agenda, big time. The agenda is a collective ‘innovation tour de force’ to solve all of our current ills for our leaders to work through, to begin to find all the solutions necessary. Continue reading

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GE Global Innovation Survey - Leaders Feeling Effects of Innovation Vertigo

GE have just released their latest Global Innovation Barometer survey and they are strongly detecting “Innovation Vertigo” from the survey conducted through more than 3,000 senior business executives in 25 countries. Continue reading

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Leaders Need to Drive Innovation

Although our business leaders constantly confirm that innovation is in their top three priorities yet they stay stubbornly disengaged in facilitating this across their organizations, especially the larger ones. Continue reading

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Closing the Disconnect on Innovation

There is such a disconnect going on in and around innovation. The organization ‘demands’ innovation, the leadership presents innovation at every opportunity in attractive sound bites. These seem more than often provided as a fig leaf for the embarrassment that eventually arrives… Continue reading

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