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Closing the Disconnect on Innovation

There is such a disconnect going on in and around innovation. The organization ‘demands’ innovation, the leadership presents innovation at every opportunity in attractive sound bites. These seem more than often provided as a fig leaf for the embarrassment that eventually arrives… Continue reading

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McKinsey Innovation Report - what stands out

Time and time again there are new reports, surveys and different comments made on the serious disconnect on organizational innovation engagement. Despite the focus, it still continues, why? Continue reading

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Reducing the Gap of Poor Innovation Leadership - Executive Work Mat

When you begin to think through something that might change the present dynamics within innovation and its management and you feel you have the emerging answer , by recognizing one really critical gap that needs filling, it becomes exciting. It becomes hugely exciting actually, in researching it… Continue reading

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What is the Cost of Not Innovating?

The cost of not Innovating is the estimated dollar value your competitors have gained and that you have failed to capture through your own innovation efforts and this strikes more at the core of the need for ensuring innovation is well-managed and supported. The cost of not innovating includes everything you miss when your innovation efforts aren’t focused on your entire business process. Continue reading

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Making Innovation Practice Spread

Recently I have enjoyed reading Peter J Denning’s thoughts around innovation. He is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Cebrowski Institure for information innovation at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.
Continue reading

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The Flickering Light of Social Innovation

Without doubt one of the most exciting areas of innovation, social innovation, that is developing initiatives that are attempting to tackle the real societal issues, has had a very tough time in the last year or so. Continue reading

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We Need Engagement to Galvanize Growth

We need to become really worried over our potential to re-galvanize growth across many of our economies. There is this growing feeling that in Europe, perhaps even the United States, we are in for a prolonged drawn out ‘slump’ with the possibilities of a Japanese-style lost decade. Continue reading

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