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Eight Innovation Drivers for our Innovating Future

In two short posts I have extracted a couple of strands of thought from a fairly detailed report, examining innovation’s future… where innovation might be heading and the consequences and implications for what this might mean for each of us. This is the second post. Continue reading

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Improving Returns on your Innovation Investment

Recently Arthur D Little provided their latest innovation excellence study, its 8th Global Innovation Excellence Study, into what companies can do to achieve a better return on their investment in innovation management. Continue reading

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Evidence is all around us, that there are changing innovation patterns, more evolutionary than radical, taking place. There are new forms of innovation that are offering novel emerging concepts, ideas and strategies of how innovation is becoming organized or possibly will be. Continue reading

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Deloitte Survey: How Millennials See Innovation

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) have provided a set of interesting results from a survey of the world’s future leaders and what they think about innovation, which was released for the World Economic Forum, held in January 2013. Millennials see innovation differently Continue reading

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The Business Model, a Canvas for Growing Innovation Convergence

So where were you when this Business Design Summit was happening? Did you miss it? Well kick yourself if you are remotely interested in where innovation is evolving too. Continue reading

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Mapping Innovation Across the Three Horizons

One of my most exciting areas within my innovation activities is applying the three horizon methodology, for working through the ‘appropriate’ lenses for different innovations and their future management. Let me outline the rationale for adopting this within your organization. Continue reading

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The Fog Surrounding Innovation

There is this increasing intensity of innovation ‘wisdom’ being produced daily, you can just get utterly and totally all-absorbed in all the nuances, all that advice. It can bring you to a utter stand-still but much more than this, it can all be highly dangerous if you act on this ‘constrained’ advice. Continue reading

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