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Deloitte Survey: How Millennials See Innovation

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) have provided a set of interesting results from a survey of the world’s future leaders and what they think about innovation, which was released for the World Economic Forum, held in January 2013. Millennials see innovation differently Continue reading

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The Business Model, a Canvas for Growing Innovation Convergence

So where were you when this Business Design Summit was happening? Did you miss it? Well kick yourself if you are remotely interested in where innovation is evolving too. Continue reading

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Mapping Innovation Across the Three Horizons

One of my most exciting areas within my innovation activities is applying the three horizon methodology, for working through the ‘appropriate’ lenses for different innovations and their future management. Let me outline the rationale for adopting this within your organization. Continue reading

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The Fog Surrounding Innovation

There is this increasing intensity of innovation ‘wisdom’ being produced daily, you can just get utterly and totally all-absorbed in all the nuances, all that advice. It can bring you to a utter stand-still but much more than this, it can all be highly dangerous if you act on this ‘constrained’ advice. Continue reading

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Innovation Litmus Test - Taking Ownership

There is always a healthy debate on who “owns” innovation within any organization. Often it can boil down to where the innovation concept is along the pipeline is or who has been designated with maneuvering or piloting the innovation through its different stages. Continue reading

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Surfacing Hidden Barriers to Innovation

To surface hidden barriers that might be blocking innovation does needs a conscious effort, a consistent questioning, validating and exploring to “peel away” and get at the root of the problem. Often it is simply the fear of moving from the current established practices into new ways and that stepping over is very hard and often very personal.Often in innovation adoption there are so many hidden barriers that need drawing out and resolving. Continue reading

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The Make-up of Innovation: core capabilities

We need to stop and think differently; not simply layering on more and more complexity, in the mistaken belief it will offer us sustainability in our innovation activities. Continue reading

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