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Innovation Renaissance Combines Art and Science

I’ve often heard and read different views that innovation is either an ‘art’ or a ‘science’ yet we either ignore the value of combining them or we simply struggle to make the connections to achieve this. Why is that? I’d like to explore this “combination effect”.
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Engaged Leader - from buzzword to IMPERATIVE

I keep coming back to the leadership of innovation; we need to move it from the peripheral to a central, meaningful engagement. This is not about a leader’s desire and need for innovation, which always seems well stated, but in their ability to lead it, to have it not just in their mind but in their real follow-through, in action and attitude, in their deepening engagement and involvement to it.
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People and motivations link a well-designed innovation framework

We still do not seem to understand all the linkages that make up innovation. We just continue to struggle because we don’t connect all the essential parts together. We need to. I think there are different components that when combined can form the innovation ‘glue.’ Continue reading

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Identification is the Core of Innovation

There are so many aspects to get right in innovation. Each part has a vital part to play in being combined for innovation, so it can function but these are not the core. Our identification with innovation is that core. Continue reading

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For catalysts to flourish, companies need to embrace open innovation, approach innovation systematically, simplify and decentralize decision-making mechanisms, and be learning-focused and failure-tolerant. Beyond that, they need to make the pursuit of transformative innovation a purpose-driven activity. Continue reading

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Involving HRM "in" Innovation

If we look at the broad areas that Human Resource Management has to cover and master in organizational development today, it can, perhaps, leave little time for adding in innovation into this array of demands. Continue reading

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Managing Dogma, Mindsets and Needs

Sometimes you would be amazed at the underlying tensions that occur when you get into those discussions around the board table about how innovation contributes to strategic direction. Even managing the present portfolio of innovation initiatives get often so caught up in these underlying tensions, as it becomes another opportunity to open up the old wounds of bruising past battles and get back into those discussions again.
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