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The role of all the capitals is crucial to understand, they create or destroy value. It is the constant flow between all the capitals deployed that makes up the value creation process. Continue reading

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Paul Hobcraft reports on “Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail” and shares three oversights that conflict in working in the social innovation area. Continue reading

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Paul Hobcraft reports on the effects of being in an innovation vortex. Continue reading

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The innovation fitness dynamics

I’d suggest that today innovation is caught up in the survival race, where the bolder ones are more innovation fit and pulling further ahead. We need many more organizations to get out of this survival trap and exploiting innovation in bolder ways, become fitter in their innovating purpose. Continue reading

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2014 Magic Tipping Point for Innovation Change?

Let’s look at some of the possible top-level trends I think we might see in 2014. The good news is, we are finally seeing innovation maturing. Continue reading

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The problem for management is any discussion of the future enters the ‘zone of uncertainty’ and this ability to often ‘read the tea leaves’ can very much determine the future health and direction of the organization. Ignore these shifts or signals and you are on the path to your own ‘destruction’. Continue reading

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I think I have discovered the different types of innovation insomnia, maybe I’m on to something here. We have three types; do you suffer from these symptoms? Continue reading

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