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As I got caught up in some evening traffic, the sun and the rain played that magical trick of offering up a rainbow to the ones in that right position to see it. There was the actual end of a rainbow for us to see and it triggered two thoughts – the mythical pot of gold if you actually get at the rainbow’s end, and then my later thought that innovation is actually like a rainbow in so many ways. Continue reading

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Thinking About Scalable Engagement

Scalable has been rather painted into a corner in recent years. It is the way we can scale a business is dangled out in front of us like a carrot, it is implied it is material to success, as with scalability comes profit, as the tantalizing reason to buy into those projects that scale. I wish it was that simple. Does scalability alone mean achieving success? Continue reading

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Innovation drives economic growth  source-

The prize, according to Nesta’s report, is what innovation still offers us. Here, Paul Hobcraft reports on the reality that innovation is presently stagnating in the UK, following his recent article Strike! Innovation is on strike! Continue reading

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Strike! Innovation is on strike!

Today innovation is actually on strike! Just take a look at the first of a two-part series with innovation news from Nesta, UK. Continue reading

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Reorganized, Delayered and Downsized – goodbye trust

So who has not faced one of those moments when it is announced that there is a reorganization about to take place, it happens in all organizations. It often has the habit of freezing what you are doing; you begin to put things on hold, waiting to understand what this latest reorganization has in store for you. The questions start building up in your mind, it starts to block you. Creativity begins to be lost. Reservations begin to grip the thinking. Continue reading

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Why We Often Can

“Perpetuating history”, as Clayton Christensen would certainly say, “simply opens the doors to disruptive innovation”. We need to really recognize ALL the symptoms on why we can’t internally self-disrupt. Continue reading

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Our Culture Governs the Greatness of Innovation Efforts

Managing a fluid, rapidly changing culture that promotes innovation is complex. So often it is left to chance, left to individual experiment and interpretation, far too ad hoc in its design and progress. Culture needs a very conscious designing into organizations. Continue reading

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