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Four Pillars for Creating Wealth

Most rooms we enter have four sides; they provide the structure to build upon. Presently in many of our economies, particularly in the West, we are struggling to find real growth; we are limited on our wealth-creating possibilities. Why is that? Our structures seem to be weak not strong. To achieve this, our business structures that we have in the past relied upon are in need of changing. They need different pillars to build upon. Continue reading

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The incremental commitments to innovation still rule the day to move growth along. Until a new sustaining confidence returns to our economies, risk mitigation dominates as markets continue to be more volatile and unreliable in predictive data and executive sentiment remains cautious. Continue reading

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There is change beginning to emerge around the growing interest in innovation management software from the bigger Enterprise integrators. In particular I have become more aware of the advances taking place in managing innovation from SAP Continue reading

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We really need to learn how to craft a story, to tell the narrative around why your business model idea stands out and is worth other people’s time and consideration. Continue reading

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Five Hottest Innovation Tools

Financial capital is vital for innovation. it provides the potential ‘burn’ — but what is often understated and certainly under-appreciated is the other sources of capital. Continue reading

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Innovation needs a sharper meaning and focus within our organizations, it needs to be ‘crafted’ far more, and it needs to have a greater alignment and validation… We need to change many of our existing innovation practices that we perform into ones that deliver this increasing impact. Continue reading

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Why We Need to Measure the Right Things – aka the real sources of value

There is this chronic lack of real understanding of where the true value does come from… Where does real value lie? What actually does make up the critical aspects of the business model anyway? Continue reading

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