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Globally Integrated Innovation

“The book is all about providing the understanding of integrating your global resources to build and leverage a global innovation network.” – Paul Hobcraft reviews “Managing Global Innovation” by Yves Doz and Keeley Wilson. Continue reading

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Will You Navigate the Future with Clear Innovation Skills?

The burning issue is that our window of time to change and incorporate these into our organized learning is shrinking at ever faster rates. We need to move from recognition of these skills into the setting of building them far more systematically. Continue reading

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Casting with a Wider Innovation Net

When we ‘cast around’ we are looking for something; to try it out, to think about it, to search for connecting a vague idea with something more tangible. So let’s go innovation fishing. Continue reading

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PwC Report on Breakthrough Innovation and Growth

Paul Hobcraft responds to the 2013 16th Annual PwC survey, and offers insights and takeaways. Continue reading

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To Win the Innovation Race

There are times when we all have to “up our game”. We are entering one of those periods where we have to relearn how to compete, how to win. Continue reading

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The Jobless Innovation Era

Paul Hobcraft a “the jobless innovation era we face” through the lens of Clayton Christensen’s bestselling paradox “The Capitalist’s Dilemma”. Continue reading

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The Cascading Effect for Innovation Success

We need to deploy the cascading effect on innovation. Often we fail to understand our role in contributing to innovation; we need a ‘cascading effect’. For me the “cascading effect” for innovation is… Continue reading

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