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The problem for management is any discussion of the future enters the ‘zone of uncertainty’ and this ability to often ‘read the tea leaves’ can very much determine the future health and direction of the organization. Ignore these shifts or signals and you are on the path to your own ‘destruction’. Continue reading

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I think I have discovered the different types of innovation insomnia, maybe I’m on to something here. We have three types; do you suffer from these symptoms? Continue reading

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 Innovation and the New Middle Manager

By the middle managers obsession with constantly chasing efficiencies alone, there is little ‘slack’ for innovation and new learning. Their measurement is often based on this efficiency and effectiveness emphasis and not on generating innovation. Continue reading

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Mind the gap 1

Innovation nearly always suffers some form of “mind gap” and we tend to ignore the obvious and stumble into these gaps or fail to recognize them completely. These ‘gaps’ comes in so many different ways and guises. Continue reading

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Innovation Performance: Going

Today, we face a different type of performance – one that is not ‘just’ dependable but one that is often unpredictable, one that seems perhaps more suited to innovation that outsmarts others in unique ways. We need to be ‘beyond’ predictable in innovation performance; we need to deliver unpredictable innovation that wows our customers and the markets to achieve this. Continue reading

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Globally Integrated Innovation

“The book is all about providing the understanding of integrating your global resources to build and leverage a global innovation network.” – Paul Hobcraft reviews “Managing Global Innovation” by Yves Doz and Keeley Wilson. Continue reading

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Will You Navigate the Future with Clear Innovation Skills?

The burning issue is that our window of time to change and incorporate these into our organized learning is shrinking at ever faster rates. We need to move from recognition of these skills into the setting of building them far more systematically. Continue reading

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