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Innovation needs a sharper meaning and focus within our organizations, it needs to be ‘crafted’ far more, and it needs to have a greater alignment and validation… We need to change many of our existing innovation practices that we perform into ones that deliver this increasing impact. Continue reading

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Why We Need to Measure the Right Things – aka the real sources of value

There is this chronic lack of real understanding of where the true value does come from… Where does real value lie? What actually does make up the critical aspects of the business model anyway? Continue reading

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There is a growing public demand to know where the value creation is coming from and what the management of our organizations is doing to protect and enhance it. Knowing the make-up of the material capitals is so important to this. Telling any story should always have a more forward looking view… Continue reading

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The role of all the capitals is crucial to understand, they create or destroy value. It is the constant flow between all the capitals deployed that makes up the value creation process. Continue reading

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Paul Hobcraft reports on “Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail” and shares three oversights that conflict in working in the social innovation area. Continue reading

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Paul Hobcraft reports on the effects of being in an innovation vortex. Continue reading

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The innovation fitness dynamics

I’d suggest that today innovation is caught up in the survival race, where the bolder ones are more innovation fit and pulling further ahead. We need many more organizations to get out of this survival trap and exploiting innovation in bolder ways, become fitter in their innovating purpose. Continue reading

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