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What Makes Up Your Innovation Capital? - Innovation Excellence

So what makes up our innovation capital and why is it important to know? Should we care, does it matter? I would argue it does, increasingly so. Continue reading

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Technology Will Drive a New Innovation Core - Innovation Excellence

Not only will we need a new innovation management system, we will need to build this on multiple engagement platforms. Our growing pressure is to find solutions that offer a cohesive and business-focused approach to the new socially enabled enterprise. Continue reading

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Can we continue to paper over these real gaps in managing innovation? How long will they continue to widen, undermine and constrain our innovation activities? Continue reading

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What Stops Us Moving Innovation into our Core? - Innovation Excellence

Today innovation seems to be falling short in delivering on its promise. Why? Continue reading

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Open Digital Innovation or Closed Digital Innovation? - Innovation Excellence

So many questions are bubbling up on digital technology; it is going to be hitting us like a tsunami, at a potentially destructive force. There is a time to find the high ground and I’d recommend to start now.
Paul Hobcraft asks many key questions here. Continue reading

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We need to ask of ourselves a series of questions that I don’t think we are asking as we race to embrace ‘all things digital’. Continue reading

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As we learn to reach out and collaborate, exchanging perspectives and our different thoughts, it is in these interactions, in the many exchanges on-line and off-line that we move towards a real sense of achievement. Continue reading

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