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Chief Innovation Officer Checklist

I tend to not like offering up checklists as blog posts, you know those one hundred and one ideas for this or that, although I have to admit I like collecting them as a kick-starting resource. Today I decided to change my mind, Why? The Innovation Champion has many jobs-to-be-done and I felt this would be a useful ‘sparking point’ to recognize the innovation jobs involved. Continue reading

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Those disruptive moments when you simply need to let go

Emotional attachment prompts some incredibly strong bonds, a host of clear affections and different reactions when it comes to our favourite brands or products. When something suddenly ‘disrupts’ this, it triggers a set of mixed emotions that shakes you and stirs up different feelings that take some time to re-order in your mind. Continue reading

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Innovation EU-style goes to Washington, DC.

The European Commissioner for Research, innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, outlined in her speech at the European Institute, in Washington, DC on 18th January 2012, the EU policies and funding for research and innovation. Some significant points from this speech were: Continue reading

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GE Innovation and the World Economic Forum

Just released on the 18th of January is the GE Global Innovation Barometer with its results of its second annual review on innovation. The aim of releasing the Global Innovation Barometer now is to have this available for the meeting in Davos as well as to help shape GE’s innovation agenda going forward. Continue reading

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Business Model Canvas Set to Explode

From what I can see is the Business model is about to go through a really important (further) tipping point and cross that chasm (thanks Geoffrey Moore) into mainstream adoption. Why? Continue reading

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For Whom The Bells Tolls

I read two short articles over this weekend. One was entitled “Avoiding Innovation’s Terrible Toll” written by Spencer E Ante, published in the Wall Street Journal and the other by Jeffrey Phillips’ “Watch Out – Executives Talking About Innovation” here on Innovation Excellence. Continue reading

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Open Innovation, Technology Platforms and a New Business Model- All-in-One!

Recently I was reminded about one of the most ambitious open innovation projects around – Innovative Medicines Initiative – set up here in Europe. I think you will find this interesting to pick up upon.

Without doubt this is one of the most highly ambitious and bold initiative I’ve come across. Continue reading

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