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Innovation in Crisis

Over the weekend I was enjoying my cappuccino and suddenly it started to taste bitter, not from the actual coffee but from what I was settling down to read. I enjoy a lot of what Steve Denning writes and his series in nine parts on “Why Amazon Can’t Make a Kindle in the USA” Continue reading

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The Innovating Power of Tacit Knowledge

Imagine if we could understood tacit knowledge better—what it was, how we can set about to capture it and organise it effectively, once acquired how it can be built upon even further. How can we learn to recognize it more actively as as essential part of our lives, when to trust it, how to teach it to others, how to share what it has offered to us, as individuals, to others. Continue reading

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Recognizing transferable Skills for Innovation

In our present uncertain environment, it is becoming increasingly important to build our ‘transferable skills’ for our future employability, adaptability and occupational mobility. The amount of economic restructuring presently underway will require a far more flexible workforce in the future that needs to have a wide range of transferable skills. Continue reading

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Building an Integrated Capability Framework

Within an organizational setting you need to have in place three supporting capability building platforms; organizational supporting, knowledge and competency gathering, and a clear innovation process to channel new capacity through as final products or new services. All three need to be in place and integrated. Continue reading

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Quick Innovation Translation

Often you can be asked or placed in a position where you have to assess quickly the innovation capability of an organization, a unit or a team working on an innovative concept to deliver in changing market or organizational circumstances and can they? Continue reading

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Designing tension into innovation

When you are dealing with the innovation process you naturally have tension. Often if you have no tension or simply too much slack built into the process, you don’t end up in achieving a good result, it falls well below expectations. it is often this lack of designed-in ‘tension’ that is not appreciated like it should be within the innovation process. The wrong tension is left to eat away at the innovation process. Continue reading

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Innovation - What

So what is hot, what is not in innovation at present? Any thoughts? What do we need to remind ourselves about as we go about our ‘daily’ innovation business? Some of my top of the mind quick thoughts… Continue reading

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