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Building an Integrated Capability Framework

Within an organizational setting you need to have in place three supporting capability building platforms; organizational supporting, knowledge and competency gathering, and a clear innovation process to channel new capacity through as final products or new services. All three need to be in place and integrated. Continue reading

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Quick Innovation Translation

Often you can be asked or placed in a position where you have to assess quickly the innovation capability of an organization, a unit or a team working on an innovative concept to deliver in changing market or organizational circumstances and can they? Continue reading

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Designing tension into innovation

When you are dealing with the innovation process you naturally have tension. Often if you have no tension or simply too much slack built into the process, you don’t end up in achieving a good result, it falls well below expectations. it is often this lack of designed-in ‘tension’ that is not appreciated like it should be within the innovation process. The wrong tension is left to eat away at the innovation process. Continue reading

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Innovation - What

So what is hot, what is not in innovation at present? Any thoughts? What do we need to remind ourselves about as we go about our ‘daily’ innovation business? Some of my top of the mind quick thoughts… Continue reading

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Trends Facing Future Innoivation

Innovation used to be about product, technology and R&D but it is far more now about value and anything that carries value. It is about creativity and entrepreneurship and it is even more tied to a clear vision today than ever, so it does become a vital part of the culture of the company. Continue reading

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2012 Innovation Resolutions

For many October is the peak month for bringing together their strategic and operating plans for 2012. Meetings get frantic, issues get raised, and plans get drawn up, rejected and redrawn. The period becomes a fever pitch. Where does innovation figure within this? Continue reading

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Mission Critical - Innovation Back-End Delivery

Why is it that for some firm’s innovation seems to be incredibly rewarding yet for the majority it remains at best an unfulfilled promise. Why does innovation present such a stark choice, often fraught with difficulties for many, yet so simple and successful for the few? Innovation delivery is one of those differentiation points. Let me suggest here nine points needing your consideration when it comes to thinking through the innovation back end delivery part. Execution as I have outlined in a previous blog, is the final rugged frontier- the tough one to truly master as it is so variable in its makeup. Just consider: Point one: the key to successful innovation is not idea generation or putting all your creative efforts into the front end of innovation, ideas are always plentiful; it is turning this myriad of ideas into market …

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