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Let me offer that innovation has eight possible pitfalls or sink holes that we need to consciously try to avoid. We sometimes need to be more prepared for these traps based on our judgement and experience.
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Shifting to Ultimate Outcomes - innovation excellence

We need to all get paid or rewarded far more on the value of the result from successful ultimate outcomes, judged by focusing only on the successful result of delivering to that real customer need. Continue reading

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Innovators: Are you tuning out? - Innovation Excellence

Am I the only one getting overwhelmed in choice, underwhelmed in content value? Are you really getting good value out of the time you are putting in or just filling in your time? I wanted to ask ‘out loud’ some questions to you. Continue reading

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Can you imagine whole industries being wiped out? - Innovation Excellence

The “cost to serve” is continuing to be driven down, and data is driving this. Add dislocation and deconstruction to disruption, destruction and digital. Continue reading

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State of Innovation Management - Hype

In a just released “The State of Innovation Management in 2015” that I have authored and kindly provided by HYPE for free, I believe you will find something of interest that you might have missed during a busy year, that is coming to a close. Continue reading

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We tend to ignore the change part of innovation. I believe we need to rethink this and evaluate the significant changes that should be taking place within our internal organizations as we expand our innovation activities. Continue reading

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What Makes Up Your Innovation Capital? - Innovation Excellence

So what makes up our innovation capital and why is it important to know? Should we care, does it matter? I would argue it does, increasingly so. Continue reading

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