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The New Secret Inside of Innovation

The aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs in the audience were so captivated and energized by the possibilities of the new ___ inside innovation. How about you, do you see ___ in your idea building future? Continue reading

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No one really wants speculative predictions. The real value has been in insights and drivers that unlock innovation, drive business growth and unlock enterprise value. CEO Futurist, Patrick Meyer, shares 14 Insights for 2014! Continue reading

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Google Glass & Wearable Innovation

PatrickTV reports on Google Glass, other breaking wearable innovation, and innovation opportunity! Watch the latest PatrickTV video here… Continue reading

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When the rest of the music world is working its tired business model, Beyonce is cutting across the grain with her new documentary. And she does with some insights that may help your innovation efforts if you can see through the glitz. Continue reading

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Shift Your Game? Mobile 2013!

Innovating Thru Mobile, Social, e-tail. It is now 2013, and the world is shifting everywhere…have you done a shift on your innovation game? There is one area that could be an added catalyst to you efforts. Continue reading

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Holiday 3.0: from Smartphones to Showrooming

The countdown to the Holidays is underway. So wouldn’t it be SMART to have added, innovation related insights about this Holiday and shopping…complete with emerging gift choices for Smartphone fans? See IX’s global innovation correspondent and Business 3.0 expert, Patrick Meyer’s latest episode on “Holiday 3.0: From Smartphones to Showrooming”. Continue reading

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The New iPhone5 & The Clash of The Titans!

.JP Morgan predicted that the iPhone 5 could add up to .5 percent to GDP growth. Days later the iPhone5 preorders topped 2 million in 24 hours. Our own Patrick Meyer was there, at the San Francisco Apple Launch event, and filed this report. Continue reading

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