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Everyday I feel gifted to live in Paris. But some days are exceptional, and Netexplo event is one of them. I don’t know any event which compares to the worldwide digital symphony that Netexplo plays, collecting trends and gathering start-ups from every continent. Continue reading

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startup chile

Start-up Chile is a program on behalf of the Chilean Government that seeks to attract early-stage companies to start their business using Chile as a platform to go global. Its mission is to transform Chile into the leading innovation and entrepreneurial hub of LatAm. There are various incentives: Continue reading

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Allfoodexperts is an independent open innovation project focused exclusively on the food industry. It consists in a community of senior freelancers from the agri-food sector, whcih you can target by posting challenges freely. Continue reading

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French Tech is utterly vivid in Paris. Paris Region Lab is a non profit organization initiated by Paris municipality in 2009. Its purpose is the development of Parisian incubators, and the support for innovative experiments over the Greater Paris territory. Continue reading

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Open Innovation: Getting Started

Let a hundred open innovation flowers blossom. Whopping initiatives are thriving on a one-to-many scale, resulting in distinct open innovation processes. First thing to is select the process which corresponds to your purpose, and prepare for intense and lasting dialogue. Continue reading

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When I first played with the mobile wallet, it seemed unreal to send money away for free… Continue reading

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How a multinational that has enjoyed sustained growth for decades, innovating without noticing, can frame its innovation endeavour? That’s the story of BIG, the recently-created Gemalto unit dedicated to innovation. Continue reading

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