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Everyone who visits Berlin can feel the cultural atmosphere and the creative spirit, which feed the German capital with an unrivaled soft power of innovation. Hub:raum, DT accelerator is definitely one of the places to visit for who’s found of innovation. Continue reading

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In the current challenging and uncertain context, management innovation can be seen as the most powerful competitive advantage as it is in-depth shaping an unrivaled corporate identity, which cannot easily be copied. Continue reading

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Products and services that we use are developing in two, seemingly opposite directions: more personalized, and at global scale. These two movements – towards the global and unified- will increase competition, and can lead to a limited number of ”winner-take-all” giants. Continue reading

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Massive Platforms for Co-creation: the new normal? (1/2)

Platforms and processes, rather than products, will become the focus of new business creation as we move forward. These models can deliver more value for less, by involving a number of stakeholders, including the users, in co-creating solutions. Continue reading

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Lomig Unger is an expert in collaborative innovation framework, with a 15 years experience in innovation, and 11 in the car industry. Deeply involved in Renault Creative People initiative, he draws some lessons from this ideas-sparkling entity. Continue reading

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In Africa, it’s not because a technology is available that it should be used, the goal is on the opposite to look for the biggest tech common denominator to reach out to the largest number of users. Continue reading

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Open Innovation projects can be managed in different ways: using companies’ own means to involve the crowd (branded ideation web sites), by the involvement of consultants, or by using dedicated plateforms, such as marketplaces or specific search platforms. Continue reading

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