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Naming the Product First

Conventional wisdom has it that the best time to name a new product is after you create it. Unconventional wisdom has it the other way around: first you give your product a name, then you create it. With this approach, the name — instead of being the description of your creation — becomes the catalyst for its existence. Continue reading

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Buy Local, Bye-Bye Walmart

When the residents of Saranac Lake, NY were faced with having a Super Wal-Mart put in, some 600 residents came together to open their own department store. CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis reports. Continue reading

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Global IBM Poll - Creativity #1 Leadership Quality

Creativity is now considered the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking, according to a much-referenced recent study by IBM. Continue reading

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Do you have what it takes to innovate?

Do you have what it takes to innovate? I’m not talking IQ, degree, or job title. No. I’m talking the curious confluence of behaviors that come with the territory of being the kind of person who turns top of the line ideas into bottom line realities. Continue reading

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Act As If!

Do you know what the opposite of a “professional” is? A “con-fessional.” And, at the risk of being unprofessional, here’s mine: One of the great secrets to manifesting anything on planet Earth is to act as if — to proceed in the spirit of already having succeeded — or what Steven Covey refers to as “beginning with the end in mind.” Continue reading

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Drive Fear out of the Workplace

As I understand it, Peter Drucker (world class management guru) was totally committed to driving fear out of the workplace.

He knew (as you do, on a good day) that you cannot have a successful business if fear is running the show. Fear constricts. Fear depresses. Continue reading

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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

This is the first of my postings from the World Business Forum, which we recently attended in NYC. The conference was very inspiring. Great speakers. Timely content. And lots of food for thought (and feeling). Continue reading

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