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20 Ways to Get Feedback on Your Biggest, Baddest, Boldest New Idea

You’ve got a great idea. I know you do. But I also know it’s just sitting there. In your head. Like a lump. Why? Because you haven’t pitched it to anyone. Continue reading

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The Eight Dimensions of a Brainstorm Session

Most people think brainstorming sessions are all about ideas – much in the same way Wall Street bankers think life is all about money. While ideas are certainly a big part of brainstorming, they are only a part. Continue reading

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Why You Need to Ask Why

Some years ago, there was a big problem at one of America’s most treasured monuments — the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. Simply put, birds — in huge numbers — were pooping all over it, which made visiting the place a very unpleasant experience. Attempts to remedy the situation caused… Continue reading

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Brainstorming versus Braincalming

If you work in a big organization, small business, freelance, or eat cheese, there’s a good chance you’ve participated in at least a few brainstorming sessions in your life. You’ve noodled, conjured, envisioned, ideated, piggybacked, and endured overly enthusiastic facilitators doing their facilitator thing. You may have even gotten some results. Hallelujah! But even the best run brainstorming sessions are based on a questionable assumption — that the origination of powerful, new ideas depend on the facilitated interaction between people. Continue reading

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15 Excellent Quotes on Collaboration

IX contributor Mitch Ditkoff shares notable quotes on collaboration and invites the global community to post more here. Continue reading

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10 Ways to Help Left Brainers Tap Into Creativity

If your job requires you to lead meetings, brainstorming sessions, or problem solving gatherings of any kind, chances are good that most of the people you come in contact with are left-brain dominant: analytical, logical, linear folks with a passion for results and a huge fear that the meeting you are about to lead will end with a rousing chorus of kumbaya. Continue reading

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The Kindness-At-Work Manifesto

It has recently come to my attention that some of the most loving, passionate, well-intentioned people in the world have a tendency to treat their co-workers unkindly — especially during times of stress or on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Consumed by their need to do something extraordinary for humanity, they forget the people they work with are human. Continue reading

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