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10 Must Haves Before Asking an Outside Innovation Consultant for Help

If someone from your company’s leadership team asks you to locate an outside consultant to help your organization raise the bar for innovation, stop for a moment and, with all due respect, ask the person asking you to locate an outside consultant to answer the following questions. If they answer “NO” to any of them or look at you as if you are ungrateful, uppity, or “not a team player”, do not accept the assignment. Continue reading

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Here’s a useful tip for you the next time you find yourself standing in front of a group of people and about to facilitate a meeting of any kind. Before you begin, ask people to give you permission to facilitate. Continue reading

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Established by the United Nations in 1981, this inspired day of observance is fast becoming a global celebration of planet Earth’s biggest untapped resource — peace. Continue reading

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The Organizational Storytelling Poll

There’s a new growth industry in town — Organizational Storytelling — half art, half science, and half tribal campfire. Yes, I know that makes three halves, but that’s one of the great things about organizational storytelling. It’s not logical. Continue reading

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The not-so-good news is that many volunteer organizations, without even knowing it, sabotage the value their volunteers bring to the table and you, as a result, may have backed off, gone south, or found yourself grumbling to the other volunteers. Continue reading

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“Innovation is not an idea. Innovation is a Discipline.” What do you think? Are more companies doing a better job of practicing innovation? Share your thoughts/experience in comment section below. Continue reading

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The Art ( & discipline) of Self-Acknowledgment

Most cultural creatives, no matter how inspired they are at the beginning of a project, eventually end up feeling down in the dumps. They start focusing on everything they haven’t done and everything that hasn’t happened instead of focusing on their progress and the fact that they are actually getting closer to their goal. Continue reading

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