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Look Inside, Take New Action, Speak New Ideas

There’s a lot buzz around reinvention and innovation. There are countless articles on tools and best practices; many books on the best organizational structure, and plenty on roles and responsibilities. There’s so much stuff that it’s tough to define what’s missing, even when what’s missing is the most important part. Continue reading

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You Can’t Saw People in Half

When there’s a big job, you’re taught to break it into a series of sub tasks, sequence them, and go after them with vigor. When there are different types of work within a job, you’re taught to break down the work into related bits of work, assign specialists, and take them on with the utmost efficiency. When there’s a big problem, you’re taught to break it into mini problems, solve them one at a time, and then recombine. This works sometimes, but more often than not, it doesn’t. Continue reading

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The Half-Life of Our Maps

The early explorers had maps, but they were wrong – sea monsters, missing continents, and the home country at the center. Wrong, yes, but the best maps of their day. The early maps weren’t right because the territory was new, and you can expect the same today. Continue reading

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Decide To Tackle The Impossible

Doing the impossible doesn’t take a long time, starting does. More precisely, what takes a long time is getting ready to start. Getting ready is the gating item. So what’s in the way? Continue reading

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Bridging The Chasm Between Technologists & Marketers

What’s a new market worth without a new technology to capture it? The same as a new technology without a new market – not much. Continue reading

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Breaching the Wall of Denial

To do innovation, you’ve got to be all in, both physically and mentally. And to be all in, you’ve got to bust through one of the most powerful forces on the planet – denial. Continue reading

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Letting Go Of Last Year

Last year is gone, and going forward things will be different. Last year’s you is gone, and going forward you will be different. That’s the thing – everything changes. Continue reading

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