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Nature stores many business success lessons for those smart enough to see them. Companies that prove able to interpret and transfer creation’s learnings to its own culture prosper on an on-going basis. Continue reading

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Investment in Innovation - now is no time to get chicken

As we meet with more and more of the midmarket companies in America, we are astounded at how many ofthem are hiding under their desk “riding the recession out.” According to Doug Farren, Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, the characteristics that set growth champions apart from slower-growing companies include…
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Look for Lightning

We’ve been interviewing a lot lately, trying to fill key positions. We have been inundated with well-qualified people seeking exile from soul-crushing corporate cultures and large, global consultancies where they feel like a machine part.
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How Memphis’ Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team Actually Innovates

Innovation techniques influence how companies launch new products and new lines of business; however, innovation can also have a transformative, positive impact when applied to the social sector. We have asked Memphis’ Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team a series of questions about their innovation efforts. Continue reading

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According to a recent Capgemini study, four in 10 executives claim a chief innovation officer. Yet the findings show a dark side. Most of the executives interviewed claim that the role is “for appearances” and that there is not a clear strategy for their innovation efforts. Continue reading

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