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Disrupting Centralized Linear University Model

Patent reform is on everyone’s mind. With a whole lot less fanfare, Version 1.0 of the Open Source Hardware definition was released last week by a community of volunteer hackers, business people, and other experts. Continue reading

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When University Start-ups Begin to Patent Like Corporations

Start-up patenting strategies have become as sophisticated as those of incumbent companies and start-up patenting costs have reached new heights — the average reported cost of a single patent was $38,000. Continue reading

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Accumulating Patents at Universities

Since the 1980s, universities have ventured into a new line of business: patenting inventions from university research labs and brokering these patents to businesses and start-ups. Why university accumulate patents is a controversial, complicated and poorly understood topic. Continue reading

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Utah’s Great University Technology Commercialization Experiment

What happened at Utah after it overhauled its strategy for bringing university inventions to market? I spoke to Jack Brittain a few weeks ago to get the inside scoop on Utah’s re-organization, six years after the shakeup. Here’s what else I learned. Continue reading

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in University IP Strategy

Most universities work hard to develop a reasonable strategy to navigate the complicated ecosystem that surrounds innovative university research. However, too frequently, universities, even prestigious ones striving to foster an entrepreneurial climate on campus, use fear, not facts, to justify their intellectual property (IP) policy, particularly when it comes to IP clauses in industry/university research sponsorships. Continue reading

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Top 10 University Tech Transfer Events of 2010

What were the top ten notable events in 2010 in the world of university technology commercialization and innovation management? Here’s what stands out for me. Continue reading

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Why Offshoring Some Tech Transfer Functions Could Help Create U.S. Jobs

It’s counter-intuitive, but could offshoring the commercialization process of university inventions help bust out some of the un-used backlog of innovative university technologies, and actually *help* our universities create domestic, high-value jobs? Continue reading

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