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University Innovation Efforts - Underfunded or Underperforming?

A neat bit of wordplay takes place when people talk about whether U.S. research universities need to change their strategies for commercializing the inventions and patents that arise from on-campus labs. Continue reading

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What Universities Can Learn from IBM’s IP Licensing Strategies

Can U.S. research universities learn from IBM’s intellectual property (IP) licensing strategies? Continue reading

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Motivating and Retaining Innovative Employees in a Bureaucracy

If universities want to play as participants, not gate-keepers, in our nation’s innovation ecosystem, university administrators need to learn to create a work environment that attracts, motivates and retains high-performing employees. Continue reading

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University Patents and Intellectual Ventures Investment

Last week Intellectual Ventures revealed its list of major investors. On it were several major U.S. research universities and research organizations. You may be asking yourself, so what’s the big deal about a university investing its endowment in Intellectual Ventures? Continue reading

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Role of Smartfailing in Improving University Innovation Strategy

If corporations are learning to learn from failure, why not universities? It seems that universities should be even more comfortable with the idea that failure is a learning opportunity. Continue reading

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University Patents and Our Forgotten Entrepreneurs

In the rush to build a certain type of high-growth start-up, it seems that our public dialog on entrepreneurship has forgotten the small business entrepreneurs who transform early-stage university inventions into commercial products, jobs and a revenue stream that grows moderately each year. Continue reading

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Easing Contractual Burdens on University Start-ups

Universities do not intentionally set out to handicap their start-ups. University technology transfer staff do their utmost to help start-up founders get through the process. Most universities take their economic development role seriously, and work hard to license university-owned inventions to new businesses on fair terms. In fact, some would say that universities are generous… Then what’s the problem? Continue reading

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