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Best US Universities for Innovation Transfer?

A university’s ability to create and share innovative technology and know-how should be evaluated in a holistic way that includes both academic and commercial activities. In this article I compare the innovation transfer activities of U.S. research universities in a new, multi-faceted way: by counting and mapping universities according to their ability to… Continue reading

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Recently, you challenged university leaders to step up and find new ways for universities to contribute to their region’s economic well-being. But current university economic development programs may be missing the mark. The bedrock of a region’s economic prosperity will not be built by university programs, patents, spin-offs and entrepreneurship workshops alone. Continue reading

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Every year, graduate students and faculty at U.S. research universities invent more than more 20,000 new devices, methods, drug molecules, and other novel technologies. Will the America Invents Act and our new “first to file” patent system impact how universities manage this ever-growing stockpile of university inventions? Right now, the jury is divided. Continue reading

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So what’s the problem? The problem is that innovative university research is not set free. Currently, university technology commercialization strategies rest on the assumption that university research is most commercially appealing when managed as potentially lucrative, university-owned intellectual property. The current approach to commercializing university inventions is due for an overhaul. Continue reading

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What would you do if you were the university official in charge of company research partnerships and a Fortune 100 tech company offered to fund a research center at your university to the tune of $2.5 million dollars a year? Continue reading

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Teens need a reason to study engineering and technology-related subjects.What if it were possible to introduce teens to the joys of product design by enabling them to experience, first-hand, an entire product design cycle in less than a week? Continue reading

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scholarly journals have been, and remain, the largest conduit of university know-how to the rest of the world. Cautious, esoteric and incremental as scientific journal articles may appear to be, scholarly publications are the undisputed powerhouse of university knowledge sharing. In contrast, university-owned patents are a tiny little channel of knowledge transfer. Continue reading

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