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Canadian Universities, the Innovation Gap, and Leaping the Landline

Canada’s approach, characterized by with several innovative strategies with no single one dominating, could be viewed as one that’s poised to leapfrog forward… Continue reading

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Mandatory Ranking of R  & D - a growing debate

What if the unthinkable happened and the U.S. government imposed a mandatory and public ranking of research universities and individual faculty according to their “research excellence?” Just to be clear, I’m not advocating … Continue reading

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Part II - Diversity in University Technology Transfer Strategy

Like socks labeled “one size fits all,” “one size fits all” university technology commercialization strategy is actually “one size fits no one.” There’s a yawning chasm between diverse, local realities, and what ultimately gets passed off as strategy in mainstream tech transfer policy discussions, scholarly articles, and training workshops. This article is Part II of an earlier article that explored five common challenges in bringing university research to market that hold true at many universities in the U.S. Continue reading

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The Diversity of University Tech Transfer Strategy

At the risk of stating the obvious, all universities are similar, but each one is different. Just when you think you’ve got a key piece of university tech transfer strategy figured out — like peeling the proverbial onion — you unearth another layer you haven’t even considered. (Actually, in this case, onions are much too stolid and predictable – maybe raking leaves on a windy day would be a better analogy.) Continue reading

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Free Trade Electronics - Responsible Innovation

We should consider a new certification program for innovation consumer electronics: Fair Trade Electronics. Do you have a cell phone, TV, iPad, GPS or laptop? Odds are good that most of your gadgets are the fruit of an elaborate, global supply chain hired and managed by big, brand name tech companies as HP, Dell and Apple.[i] Behind most sleek, cutting-edge consumer gadgets is a chain of good, old-fashioned human workers. Continue reading

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Allocating broadband for maximal innovation

Will investing additional broadband resources in university towns create new inventions that ultimately create high-value jobs? Continue reading

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Five Events That Will Shape University Technology Transfer

If I had to characterize the year 2011 in the world of university technology transfer, I would describe it as a year of “wait and see.” Of course several notable events happened — for example, patent reform and a Supreme Court case that clarified limitations on university patent ownership. But my sense was that this year’s big events will make their true impact felt over the longer term. Continue reading

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