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"Fabricated" is Hot Off the Press in China

IX Contributor Melba Kurman takes us with her to China, where her latest book “Fabricated: the new world of 3D printing”, was translated into Chinese a few months ago. Fabricated has been one of the top-selling business and economics books for several weeks in China. Continue reading

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Preaching the Gospel of Entrepreneurship

The gospel of entrepreneurship, when swallowed whole, would have you believe that we’re entering a brave new post Fortune 500 era, that economic salvation is available to those who embrace entrepreneurship. Continue reading

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The Promise and Peril of 3D Printing

By now, you’ve probably heard about 3D printing. 3D printing technology isn’t new — it’s actually been around for a few decades. What’s new is the fact that in the past few years, a “perfect storm” of converging technologies are rapidly opening up a lot of potential new applications. Continue reading

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Navigating an Ocean of Big Data

Contributor Melba Kurman is doing research on Big Data. Here is her vantage point overview, and some interesting facts. Continue reading

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University Startups - Why health insurance is the ultimate regional economic development

Universities should help cover health insurance costs for startups based on university research that sign a contract for use of a university-owned patent. Now is the perfect time to do this. The U.S. Congress has passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and health care reforms are underway. Continue reading

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Fund the Future, not the past

Two pieces of legislation proposed earlier this summer — the America Innovates Act (bill proposed April, 2012) and the Startup 2.0 Act (revised in May, 22, 2012) share a common goal: to improve the flow of university research to society and thereby, increase industry innovation and create startups that create jobs. After that, their similarity ends. These two bills reflect the Great Debate: are university commercialization efforts just underfunded, or are they underperforming? Continue reading

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Incumbency, Innovation, and the Tablet Wars

Incumbent tech companies, after they achieve market dominance, have a peculiar tendency to asphyxiate their once innovation-oriented culture. I speak of Microsoft and RIM and their ongoing struggles to master the tablet market. Continue reading

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