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Seeking a Chief Innovation Officer or an Alchemist?

The relative newness of the CINO means at least two things: it’s difficult to know what a great one looks like and behaves like, and there are few CINOs in the marketplace to recruit to your organization. Since the pool of existing CINOs is tiny, you simply must seek the right traits for your organization’s CINO. Continue reading

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The DNA of Innovation Leaders

If you attend as many Innovation or Transformation conferences as I do, you must be equally frustrated by the constant regurgitation of the same companies and innovation celebrities in answer to the question “who are the innovation leaders?” Continue reading

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Getting To 'Excellence' Faster - The Innovation Maturity Model

It may take as few as 3-5 years to development innovation into a stable enterprise process. One proven way to get there faster, with less risk and higher measurable returns, is to apply the Innovation Maturity Model. Continue reading

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Measuring Performance - The Key to Sustained Innovation

Traditional innovation metrics unwittingly undermine long-term success, because they focus senior management on tactics versus strategy. By thinking hard about the correct Input and Output metrics which best reinforce the organization’s strategy, innovation leaders have a much better likelihood of personal and institutional success. Continue reading

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The Charter Statement is the single most important tool to ensure an effective kick-off for enterprise innovation, or any complex transformation initiative. No wonder many innovation initiatives fail to deliver.  In my enterprise transformation work for 25 years, the Charter Statement is an exception and not the rule despite analogs for Six Sigma, Lean, CRM and ERP. The Charter Statement delineates governance by explicitly setting forth a statement of scope, objectives, and participants in an innovation stream, with special focus on roles, work to be done, metrics and more.  Well done, it helps all participants to visualize (and attain) success, because a consensus perspective is achieved. Developed in a 3-6 hour workshop intensive with strategic and operational managers for the initiative, the Charter Statement (see one below) on one page will capture these crucial initiative dimensions: project name/project leader innovation sponsors (oftentimes, no one knows who this is!!!) innovation champions … Continue reading

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Upgrade from a Pilot to a Prototype - Now!

It could be about semantics. Or not. A pilot is not a prototype. It is my strong belief that innovation success derives from prototype initiatives that are carefully planned, properly funded or staffed, and supported from beginning to end by senior executives seeking breakthrough bounties. So what is a pilot? Websters’ Dictionary under definition #5 says “a television show produced and filmed or taped as a sample of a proposed series.” Now let’s check out Prototype: “a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction.” In my 25+ years of enterprise transformation work I have witnessed countless unsuccessful Pilots of technology, software, business process or re-engineering solutions. What’s the pattern? What explains the failure frequency? I believe the answer lies in the very definition of a Pilot. A pilot tests a value or benefit assertion. A pilot is intended to …

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Imaginatik Innovation Leaders Forum

“The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation.” So stated our President Barack Obama during last week’s State of the Union Address. But more important was what he did not say: How can organizations, enterprises and communities that are in shock facing our new normal economy, begin to reinvent the very essence of our economic and social engines? Imaginatik thinks it has one answer… and we are doing something about it. On February 16, 2011, in tandem with our Innovation Leaders Forum (ILF) at the New York Stock Exchage (NYSE), we will launch a national conversation inviting students in Boston, New York City and Washington D.C. to suggest ways to restart the innovation bonfires of America. We are highly confident that in just 1-2 weeks, America’s youth will contribute thought-provoking ideas, proposals and propositions to help get us all back on the road to recovery. If your … Continue reading

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