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This October, I have the pleasure of representing Innovation Excellence — our audience in particular – and chairing the Back End of Innovation, Oct 9-11 in Boston, IIR’s new bookend to FEI (the Front End of Innovation) and response to the perennial ‘what do you Monday morning with all this appetite for and talk about innovation?” Continue reading

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Designers Tell All at Fuse 2012

What did Nike, Starbucks, 3M, GE, Kraft, Puma, Pepsi, and Coke have in common last week? Along with too many world-class competitor brands to name, their top brand, design and marketing leaders were divulging intimate stories… Continue reading

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Backstage Innovation at the Celebrity Apprentice

If Only We Could Have Seen The Walgreens-Entertainment Deal Go Down! How would you feel if your good friend was going on the Celebrity Apprentice? Shock, fear, surprise, joy, mild anxiety coupled with great anticipation? (Many of the same emotions it’s worth noting that often appear in the work of birthing new ideas.) Continue reading

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Breaking Away - A New Way to Look at Innovation

We had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Jane Stevenson, Vice Chairman, Board and CEO Services, Korn Ferry; and Bilal Kaafarani, Chief Innovation Officer and Group President for Yildiz Holding and Vice Chairman of Northstar Innovation, a new venture with Yildiz Holding. They are co-authors of the book BREAKING AWAY: How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth–And Why Others Fail. (McGraw-Hill 2011) Thank you Joan Holman, Innovation Excellence’s Publishing Editor for connecting us! Continue reading

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Innovation and Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement, that nudging synapse that says “yes, pay attention” might just be front of the fuzzy front end for innovators. So why don’t we do more of it? Continue reading

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If the world is turning into one big interface then its creatives like these that will rule. They also remind us of the indelible connection between innovation and design, and yes, humor. See what you think. Maybe even win a prize. Before the world ends! Continue reading

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Bill Strickland: A Santa for the Economy?

Would that Santa could bring us a few more Bill Strickland’s! Or the “1%” might take a page out of his book. But in life’s great art of individual uniqueness, there is only one of this special man. The entrepreneurial leadership he has demonstrated over many decades is one heck of a Solving-Big-Problems role model. Continue reading

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