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One Woman

In the wake of Newtown we have to examine what good is innovation is if it is not reaching the most disturbed and the most disturbing aka the US gun laws and corporate gun culture. We might listen now to Teny Gross at the institute for the study and practice of non-violence and question our collective will to act against violence in our own lives and communities. We have to do something. Or the mantle innovator is simply false. Continue reading

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Buncee, Arturi, Curie and Discovery

Executive Editor Julie Anixter talks with Marie Arturi, CEO of social media startup buncee and a formidable medical research fundraiser, about reaching out, giving back and the science behind discovery. Continue reading

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Server Death, or Break-an-Egg-with-Us!

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday our server crashed and we were offline for 24 hours. We noticed, and while we are happy that our site’s traffic is busting our seams, we have now entered the land of needing a new server. And it’s on order. If you love, or like, or would simply like to support the continued growth of Innovation Excellence we would gratefully accept your support in one of three ways: Continue reading

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Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs

Patrick Meyer’s new book “Steve Jobs & the World of Mobile” is designed to show Job’s vision and inspiration in context, and to unleash insights for the future of an increasingly technology-enabled world. Continue reading

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If you’re looking for some real world wisdom and insight into how to think about leading technical innovation in complex environments, you’ll want to catch this Webinar with Vice Admiral Joseph W. Dyer (US Navy, ret.) Dyer completed his distinguished naval career by leading the business side of Naval Aviation at NAVAIR, Naval Aviation Systems Command. Continue reading

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Bill Clinton

In a cover story written for Time’s Oct. 1 issue, Clinton describes the Hult Global Case Challenge as one of his favorite partnerships. There’s a reason for that. Founder Ahmad Ashkar, along with partners at Hult International University, hope to create a new generation of profit-motive-driven social entrepreneurial start-ups. Continue reading

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On any given week around the country and the world there are gatherings where people sluff on their everyday lives like dead skin and and come to get inspired. BIF8, which stands for Business Innovation Factory’s intimate gem of a conference, stood its ground in Providence, Rhode Island this week and delivered vibrant stories from a mix of people creating deliberate and profound change. Continue reading

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