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Webinar - Winning the War for Innovation

Tomorrow, September 12, 2012 Innovation Excellence co-founder Braden Kelley will be presenting a FREE webinar in cooperation with Imaginatik, a leader in the idea management software category. The webinar is titled ‘Winning the War for Innovation‘ and he’ll be helping you take a look at whether or not you’re ready to accept that innovation has become a top priority. Continue reading

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there is one very heartening trend that we’re observing as the drumbeat for CEO action gets louder, and it is this – better data driven tools are emerging, and a new discipline that uses them is springing up. CEO’s have always loved and demanded data. What we’re seeing now is a new acceptance of data as the platform for the agile decision making required for innovating. Continue reading

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Innovative Cloud Filmmaking with Tiffany Shlain

Tiffany Shlain, award-winning filmmaker and founder of the Webby awards, creates disruptive innovation using social media and film. Her critically acclaimed work and new crowdsourced films invite universal conversations about what it means to be connected in the 21st century. Continue reading

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One of the fastest ways to convert your CEO, your team, your CEO, your skeptics is to get them out of their four walls to a conference. Conferences represent communities of interest. In this piece Innovation Excellence Co-Founder Julie Anixter shares her insights about the ways that conferences cause us to innovate. Continue reading

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Robert Rodriguez & SINET

Executive Editor Julie Anixter interviews Robert Rodriguez founder of Security Innovation Network on global collaborations between public and private sectors to defeat cyber security threats, and other topics including SINET’s multifaceted platform that connects builders, buyers, researchers and investors in the cyber security domain. Continue reading

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Maria Thompson 2f1d420

We’re getting the a ball rolling with Back End of Innovation speaker Maria Thompson, Innovation Instigator, Intellectual Asset Management, Motorola Solutions, and self proclaimed innovation mentor, who will be talking about Predictive Innovation: Directive Inventing to Ensure Generation of High Value Ideas. Continue reading

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U.S. Commerce Secretary to Women - Get STEM Going!

Innovation Excellence shares findings about the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the entire U.S. economy — presented by the U.S. Commerce Dept. Acting Secretary, Rebecca Blank, in her presentation to the GlobalWIN audience this summer. Continue reading

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