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See Intuit For Real at Back End of Innovation, Nov 19, 2013

It’s all too rare that we get to go behind the scenes, witness and experience what makes a company that is SYNONYMOUS with innovation tick, especially one that has been doing it continuously for thirty years. As a strategic partner to the Back End of Innovation (BEI) conference, we are happy to be giving the IX community early notice that BEI is including on-site experiential learning in the form of BEI Field Trips to three innovation powerhouses (Intuit, Xerox Parc and PayPal.) #BEI13 Continue reading

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America’s Founders demonstrated a high degree of conversational intelligence. What must it have been like to create the innovation that is the US Constitution? What did the Founding Fathers have to do to transform our country’s destiny? Over 100 days, they shared their fierce energies, they listened, they built trust, handled conflict, engaged in negotiation and compromise, and ultimately created a revolutionary form of government. Continue reading

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Using Books as Tools

We are celebrating and shining a spotlight on Books as Tools, tools for innovators, with a series of the same name, and founded in on our belief that books aren’t books. They’re incendiary tools for personal revolution and organizational change. Did we say we plan to go deeper? Small group discussions with authors, explorations of how others use books to create change, and more. Continue reading

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Occupy Disruption: 10 Lessons from Tribeca

In 2010 the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) disrupted itself and its laser focus on film by adding an awards ceremony, the Disruptive Innovation Awards. Co-Founder Craig Hatkoff decided it was the right moment to honor the work of the father and popularizer, or one might say liberator, of disruptive innovation, Clayton Christensen. Continue reading

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Chris Trimble, author and Dartmouth professor, chats with Tim Sutton of Fahrenheit 212 about using “How Stella Saved the Farm” inside organizations. Continue reading

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Midnight Lunch - How Thomas Edison Collaborated

Author Sarah Miller Caldicott offers an in depth look at how collaboration powers innovation. Julie Anixter interviews the author about her newest book Midnight Lunch: the 4 phases of team collaboration success from Thomas Edison’s Lab. Continue reading

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Disrupt Yourself Interview with Whitney Johnson

Julie Anixter, Co-founder of Innovation Excellence, interviews Whitney Johnson about the role of dreams in innovation and what it means to use dreams to disrupt yourself. Continue reading

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