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Late last year we launched our 2014 Innovation Cities Tour and went looking for a few good partners . Admittedly not for everyone, we were looking for people that valued stories, enough to partner with us on helping collect and deliver 100 stories of disruptive innovators this year. The first place we went knocking in New York, was to the downtown offices of Fahrenheit 212. Continue reading

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#Character Day: the Generosity of Tiffany Shlain

The 8 minutes that it will take you to experience The Science of #Character film will show what rapid meaning transfer looks like — in this instance you’ll get a visual download about what is now known re the science of character, in its most sublime, most spreadable, sharable package — thanks to the generosity of Tiffany Shlain, the Moxie Institute, and the enlightened group of sponsors who enable her new genre of cloud filmmaking. Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Innovation Story?

Innovation Excellence is going to curate 100+ Innovation Stories this year, share them on our site, on our Cities Tour, at the Front and Back End of Innovation Conferences and beyond. We’re going to give them away with the hope that they’ll make a big impact in the world. Learn More on March 20, details ahead… Continue reading

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Will Your Idea Change Slum Healthcare?

Will Your Idea impact 25 million people and change slum healthcare? Join the Collaboration on the HULT Prize with the Clinton Global Initiative. Idea Sourcing is going on NOW and ends February 7!

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What do Fedex, the Pope and the Fosbury Flop have in Common? The answer is not just that they’re all iconic disruptors in their own right.  The answer may well go deeper and address our collective yearnings for positive disruption, what it takes to productively embrace, and make disruptive innovation happen , without decimating or getting decimated by it. Innovation Excellence is pleased to announced our newest exclusive online content series:
DISRUPTING Disruptive Innovation:  Lessons from the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards starting Thursday January 29 at 1 p.m. eastern.
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Location, location, location is as true for conferences as it is for Real Estate. Events are engines of economic development for the cities they choose. We’ll be doing more on both – cities and their innovation events this year – bringing you the innovation highlights from both. That’s why we were excited that the Frost & Sullivan Innovation in NPD and Marketing is going to New Orleans! Continue reading

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Creating Innovation Cocktails at #BEI13

Great conferences are a lot like great cocktail parties. We had two kinds of cocktails at the IIR Back End of Innovation in Santa Clara in November. Real-deal parties hosted by Tito’s Vodka, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Vision Services Program, and also by Roche to toast Vivek Wadwha on his new book: Innovating Women. And then a parallel cocktail party stream which lasted for 72 hours and not a drop of liquor was served, because…it was the whole conference…exponential stories and bumper-car meet ups with people who were doing stuff you wanted to know more about…here are a few of the great one liners that suggest why! Continue reading

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