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Can Your Organization Dance with StartUps?

Paul Earle (Executive Director of Farmhouse, the innovation and new venture center of Leo Burnett) sits down with Dean DeBiase (Chairman of Reboot Partners) and Sonny Garg (Chief Innovation Officer of the energy giant Exelon) for a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion on the mash-up of Design Thinking and Startup Thinking. This, rare no-holds-barred exchange takes off the protective veneer and is a lot of fun too. Continue reading

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Paul R

Sometimes a good sound plan, uttered clearly at the right moment, IS the disruption. If the mind-bogglingly tragic, systemic failures at the VA have confounded you, then take heart. There is an organization, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), that has been working for years on a positive, comprehensive plan for reforming it. Continue reading

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We think the NYU Stern School grads are lucky to have gotten the straight talk about failure from Hatkoff right between the eyes! Whether its their first or next job, or first or next try at innovating, getting comfortable with failure is the hall pass to success in our current economy. Continue reading

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Storytellers Welcome: IX Cities Tour Begins

We brought 25 amazing storytellers, and invited an audience of 300 to wander, listen, talk and share. And share they did. Peer-to-peer it turns out, is a turn on. The kind of Story Exchange, which we call Where the Cathedral Meets the Bazaar, just seemed to resonate with our innate curiosity to know more, go deeper – on our own terms – and have our own Q&A with innovators. Continue reading

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Call for Stories: How Innovators Overcome Resistance

Here’s an update on our Innovation Cities Tour – we have over 40 Innovation Storytellers Confirmed to date – and we’re looking for more. We invite you to share an innovation story with us, and the world. Continue reading

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Late last year we launched our 2014 Innovation Cities Tour and went looking for a few good partners . Admittedly not for everyone, we were looking for people that valued stories, enough to partner with us on helping collect and deliver 100 stories of disruptive innovators this year. The first place we went knocking in New York, was to the downtown offices of Fahrenheit 212. Continue reading

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#Character Day: the Generosity of Tiffany Shlain

The 8 minutes that it will take you to experience The Science of #Character film will show what rapid meaning transfer looks like — in this instance you’ll get a visual download about what is now known re the science of character, in its most sublime, most spreadable, sharable package — thanks to the generosity of Tiffany Shlain, the Moxie Institute, and the enlightened group of sponsors who enable her new genre of cloud filmmaking. Continue reading

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