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Leni Sloane, Laurie Meadoff, Derrick Ashong

The Editors Pick this week is Derrick Ashong’s Take Back the Mic: World Cup of Hip Hop – a global competition for musically inclined youth and their fans. From Ghana originally, Ashong understands that the most powerful way for global youth to find their own powerful original voices is to (have them) Take Back the Mic. This is an IndieGoGo campaign worth checking out and funding. Continue reading

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Empathy and Drug Development – Listening to Sheila Babnis

This is the first in a series of pieces that examine pathfinders who are forging new innovative ways of working in Healthcare. Continue reading

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Creativity Networks in the Brain: Judith E. Glaser interviews Rex Jung

Neuroscientist Rex Jung invited Judith E. Glaser to visit him to talk about his new research on Creativity Networks in the Brain and the kinds of conversations that can activate those networks. In this interview they talk about how to create the best environment for creativity in everyone. Continue reading

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When most Americans think of Pilgrims, they think of Plymouth Rock, the founding of the colony that became America. They came in a search of religious freedom. But the word has an older and deeper meaning, illuminated beautifully here by Sister Rose Pacette, Director at Pauline Center for Media Studies. Continue reading

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How Brewery Ommegang battled to conquer new kingdoms while keeping current subjects loyal and inspired by creating the Game of Thrones Beer series in collaboration with HBO. Continue reading

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Dr. Patricia McFate, my godmother, and the first renaissance woman we knew, after our mother, passed away peacefully last week. There’s nothing like death to clarify life. Continue reading

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The Back End of Innovation alights there for real this year, from October 6-8.  As the conference chair (full disclosure) I fought for this choice because I wanted to help plunge the heavy-lifter innovation crowd into an EXPERIENCE of innovation — implemented. Continue reading

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