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Pay Attention!

You want to know what the biggest input gap is where innovation is concerned? Want to know what really matters when you are starting an innovation initiative? Did the bright sparkly pop-up advertisement steal your attention in the last 20 seconds? Did your email notification sound while reading this blog? Continue reading

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The Innovation Chicken & Egg Problem

Here’s a question that has befuddled even the best innovation thinkers, and has led to countless articles, white papers, surveys and other analysis: which is more important to innovation success, leadership or culture? Continue reading

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Innovation Ignition

I read a lot about innovation, and I’m constantly amused by the articles that talk about “kick starting” innovation. If there is one activity that is resistant to forward motion based on one quick action like a kick start, it’s innovation. What people who advocate “kick starting” innovation don’t understand is the analogy, and the effort involved before the fact. Continue reading

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Innovation Comfort

I think Newton left out a law when he devised his three laws of nature. You know the laws I’m speaking of – objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Every forced is opposed by an equal and opposite force. And so on… Continue reading

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Why the Front End of Innovation is Different

Let’s assert that you’ve become very good at your job. Whether you are in finance, marketing or operations, your proficiency is based on your education and your work history. You know how to anticipate financial needs, or how to manufacture products more efficiently because you love what you do, you do it often and you are rewarded to do it well. You have deep knowledge about your chosen area of specialty and you can demonstrate expertise. Then along comes an innovation need.
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Why Kirk Beats Spock at Innovation

There’s a mistake being played out in your organization when it comes to staffing innovation projects. You are likely staffing them with a bunch of “Spocks”, people who know a lot about the subject and have deep expertise. While this may look like a dream team, I can assure you that staffing a bunch of Spocks is not helpful and can be harmful. Continue reading

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Innovators are Unreasonable Networkers

John Stuart Mill lived at a time and in a place where the interaction of the various classes was limited, and when it occurred the conversation or interaction was one of disdain for the lower classes. Mill lived at a time of little change and great social unrest, but his goal was to create more progress. Today we live in a place where anyone can talk with anyone. Twitter, Facebook and other social media provide ever greater opportunities to exchange information and ideas with a wide range of people. Continue reading

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