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Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Lately I’ve met with a number of potential clients who are frustrated that their innovation efforts aren’t creating a bigger splash in the market. It can be difficult to identify the limiting factor in any new product or service. Perhaps the customer need wasn’t as strong as we anticipated.. Continue reading

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Ask Not What Your Customers Can Do For You

I was pondering recently the risks associated with innovation. No, not the risks a firm bears to create a new product or service, but the risks that a customer bears when acquiring and using a new product or service. I wonder – do we realize what risks we ask a customer to endure to use a new product?
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Innovation - Activity, Tool or Competence?

There is significant, and often damaging, dissonance about what innovation “is” and how it can be deployed effectively. Innovation is something every business wants, but most aren’t quite sure how to plan or implement innovation effectively. Continue reading

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Many times people will ask me what I think is “wrong” with so many companies. Why can’t they innovate? they ask. Where are the innovative new products and services. Many will look back to innovators like Edison, Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell and wonder why businesses today cannot seem to innovate the way these individuals did. Continue reading

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Signals for Innovation Speed & Frequency

How often / how fast should we innovate? This is a question our clients ask us quite frequently. What I like about the question is the realization that the firm must innovate more than once. Continue reading

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Performing Innovation Before the Norming and Storming

There’s nothing quite as confounding and as thrilling as sitting in on an innovation kickoff meeting. That’s because all of the issues that have been overlooked, all of the constraints that have been applied, all of the issues that have been ignored rise to the surface when an executive demands that his or her company become more innovative. Continue reading

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What Is Your Why?

Many corporate drones go to work for living and then participate in all kinds of interesting, engaging activities where their passions lie outside of work. Isn’t it ironic that at the peak of the knowledge work shift, many people have little engagement or participation in their work? Continue reading

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