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Innovation Time

I’m writing today about what is becoming the most critical innovation barrier. For years we’ve talked about risk, uncertainty, culture and other factors that block innovation. Increasingly, the biggest barrier is time. Time is an innovation barrier on several levels. Continue reading

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Innovation is the Future of your Company

In every company there exist at least three simultaneous perspectives. The first is about the history of the company, its origins, growth, struggles, successes. The history often defines perspectives and forms the basis of organizational culture. Continue reading

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The Two Most Challenging Innovation Times

In the busy world we live in, people want simplicity. We desire stripped down, short and to the point products, services and information. Today the articles that were simplified for Reader’s Digest seem too long and detailed for those in a 140 character Twitter driven world. So I’m here to simplify innovation for you Continue reading

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Creating and Sustaining Innovation Energy

I want to talk today about the energy required to do innovation well – where and when energy is created, why it dissipates and what you can do to sustain it. Continue reading

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Imperfect Innovation

I’ve been thinking a lot about the juxtaposition of innovation in our expectations for perfection. Modern business has high expectations of its people and its processes. Process improvement and Six Sigma have led us to expect exceptionally low rates of imperfection, variance or failure. The concept of perfection is an interesting one, especially in the rough and tumble world of business. Continue reading

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Too Busy to Innovate

I’ve begun to wonder if the concept of innovation in large corporation is an exercise in pointless navel gazing. And no, this isn’t another bashing of brainstorming, or a recent conversion based on my experiences with faulty innovation logic. No, the challenge to innovation is based on the recent development of a core strength: focus, efficiency, time management. Continue reading

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Who Are My BEST Innovators?

As we work with a lot of companies, in the US and overseas, we are constantly confronted with one of the most important questions: who are the best innovators in my firm? Continue reading

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