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Why Innovators Are Like Astronauts

Today I’m going to talk about the movie Gravity and how it relates to innovation.. Continue reading

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Why Innovation Needs Its Own Language

I’ve been fascinated recently by the role that language plays in an innovation activity. By language I don’t mean different languages (Spanish, French or English) but the language we use to communicate the rationale for innovation, we use to create the context for innovation, we use to define the tools, methods and outcomes for innovation. Continue reading

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An Innovation Christmas Carol

Ed Scrooge was tired. It was only 4 in the afternoon, but back to back meetings throughout the day had exhausted him… His reign as CEO might not last much longer if the financial results didn’t pick up. Continue reading

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Is Your Innovation a Step, Jump or Vault?

In hindsight, most new products or services that are created seem relatively obvious. Consumers and manufacturers will wonder – why didn’t we see this sooner? Most really interesting innovations, however, seem paradoxical and strange as they are being introduced, even though many will be accepted and become part of the norm. Continue reading

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Separating Entrepreneurs from Corporate Innovators

It’s probably a distinction without a significant difference, but I try to distinguish very carefully between entrepreneurs, inventors and corporate innovators. While there are some significant overlaps in goals, purpose and intent, there are also some very significant differences which I’d like to explore. Continue reading

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Can You Spare an Innovation Dime?

In the Great Depression it wasn’t at all uncommon to see able bodied men selling apples on a street corner, or worse, holding a sign asking for spare change. The phrase “can you spare a dime” became synonymous with the era, as people sought any job, any way to earn money they could find. Of course, back then a dime was real money. Today, there’s a new cry heard in many organizations.. Continue reading

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Putting the Solution Cart Before the Innovation Horse

So, here it comes again. Another blog post using an old standby as a way to make a point. Today’s old standby is the adage about placing the cart before the horse. Continue reading

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