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You Are What You Innovate

In many philosophical circles, the mantra behind much of the belief system is that you are what you (think, eat, do, believe). In dietary circles, you are what you eat. Is it also the case that you “are what you innovate” or is it often the other way round? I think in many cases we actually “innovate what we already are”. Continue reading

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 The Critical Missing Component for Innovation Success is...

Police dramas often focus on three key aspects of a crime: means, motive and opportunity. If one or more of these are missing or can’t be discovered, the chances of solving a crime are bleak. These are some of the “critical” components to solving a crime. Similarly, innovation has some “critical” components that in our experience are often incomplete, if not completely absent. Continue reading

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Who Blocks Innovation?

As an innovation consultant whose company works with a lot of large corporations, the psychic dissonance associated with innovation can be quite challenging. By that I mean there’s a lot of demand for innovation, but not a lot of passion. Continue reading

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The Problems Measuring Innovation

There are tasks we want to do that are reasonable to do and are practical to do. There are activities we want to do that are sensible but difficult to accomplish. Measuring innovation, which sounds important and reasonable, often falls in the second category. Continue reading

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People Are Our Most Important Asset

Mark Twain once wrote that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. I think to that list we can add mindless platitudes, like the one that headlines this post. I’ve never worked in or for a business that didn’t suggest that people were important to its success. Continue reading

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Idea Construction

I’m interested in dispelling a commonly held myth today, the myth that suggests ideas are created once, whole and complete. Ideas aren’t found, they don’t emerge. Good ideas, the ones that get implemented and converted into new ideas, are constructed. Continue reading

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Innovation the Tom Sawyer Way

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a continuing discussion in many organizations about the origin of ideas. Should the ideas they commercialize originate from inside the organization, outside the organization or both. So far few executives have cast their vote for “neither”. Continue reading

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