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Creative Risk

How crazy can you and your colleagues safely go before you run the risk of being thought crazy, unbusinesslike or worse? This is not a crazy question! The answer is critical to your organisation’s innovation potential. Continue reading

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Conventional Is Too Conventional

This may seem obvious, but the problem with conventional thinking is that it does not lead to truly new ideas, creativity or innovation. Yet most of us individually and collectively — in our families, organisations and communities — think and behave conventionally. Continue reading

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Seven Things the Competent Innovation Manager Should Know

If you have recently been promoted — or perhaps demoted — to the position of innovation manager, your first action has probably been to do a bit of research. Continue reading

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A Word About Assumptions: Part Two

In addition to building creative visions for specific transcendental situations, it is also useful to pose generic creative challenges to yourself and perhaps your team, this is particularly true in business. Let’s look at a few generic creative challenges for businesses Continue reading

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A Word About Assumptions: Part One

Reality is basically a series of assumptions we make about the world around us. Most of those assumptions are safe and sensible. Indeed, if you were to question every assumption all day long, you’d soon go mad. However, some assumptions are not reliable, either because they are based on misunderstandings or because the bases of those assumptions have changed. For instance.. Continue reading

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Need New Ideas? Take A Trip!

It has often been said that ideas are a dime a dozen. As a creative person, you know that is not true. Ideas are worth far less than that! Indeed, if I could exchange a dozen ideas for a dime, I would be filthy rich now. Continue reading

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Here’s Why Many Innovation Initiatives Fail

Some time ago, I wrote an article inspired by a research paper that demonstrated that people seem to have a bias against creative ideas. This is probably the single biggest hindrance to your innovation initiative. Continue reading

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