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Common Sense Creativity

You want to be more creative? Sometimes it is not about trying harder to act creative. I see a lot of people trying too hard. Sometimes it’s not just about giving one the space to be creative. Sometimes it is just being strategic. And sometimes it means apply a healthy dosage of common sense. Continue reading

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Smart Phone And Health Impact Warning?

There were been suggestions for years about health risks regarding using mobile phones. The city of San Francisco is legislating retailers to give out health warning material. CTIA attorney is fighting back asking the judge to freeze city ordinance requiring phone retailers to disclose possible health risks. Continue reading

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10 Big Reasons Why Most Innovative Products & Services Fail

Why innovative new products fail? Because marketers believe they know the industry, the product market and the customer and their needs. And after going through cycles of input gathering and any orginal innovative ideas were ultimately turned into something that a lot like their existing products with minor improvisation. Sounds familiar? Continue reading

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Design Thinking Balances The Rational And Emotional

What is Design Thinking? Because of the word “design” and many automatically associate it with the craft of design or design as a profession. Actually it is less to do with “design” and more with “system”. There are many ways to define “design thinking” and this list is not exhaustive.. Continue reading

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Design Thinking Requires Storytelling

Stories inspire, motivate, and shift the way the people think and work. Many civilizations throughout history understood the power of storytelling. From ancient Egypt to modern China story-telling provided the foundation for nearly everything. For business, often there needs to socialize strategies within executive management, the board and senior staff and they include telling innovation, survival and hero/heroine stories. Continue reading

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What Is The Right Organization Design For Your Corporation?

Innovation effectiveness is closely linked to organization design. In the past, most organization design objectives were driven by a need to improve efficiency, resource sharing and improving focus. It is not common to see innovation as the core driver or organization design to improve speed, creativity and agility. Continue reading

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What’s new with GPS? There were the 3D maps, then traffic information with live refresh every two minutes so to help others to avoid heavy traffic jams and GPS watch? What’s next? Continue reading

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