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Finding Opportunities for Startup to Disrupt Incumbents

On Quora, this question was asked: “Competition: How do you assess the value of a new product or service vs an incumbent’s?” Is there a starting set of criteria? (e.g. price, quantity provided, ease of use, breadth and so on) — I’m thinking specifically of a product to supply financial news and information and prices. Continue reading

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McDonald's Wins on Jobs-to-be-Done That Matter

Consumer Edge Insight conducted a survey of consumer perceptions about 20 different fast food restaurants. Specifically, how are they ranked by consumer perceptions on different attributes, such as: Continue reading

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Applying Jobs-to-be-Done to Product and Service Design

Say you’re designing something new for a product or service. Of course, you have your own ideas for what to do. But, how informed are you really about what is needed? Continue reading

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Are Customers Valuable to Innovation?

More and more, customer-centricity is becoming a thing. As in, an increasingly important philosophy to companies in managing day-to-day and even longer term planning. In comes in different forms: design thinking, social CRM, service-dominant logic, value co-creation. But it’s not pervasive at this point… Continue reading

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Does Twitter Help You Understand Customer Needs?

To examine this question, I assumed the perspective of a financial firm trying to get a better handle on the “paying for college” jobs-to-be-done. In aspirational, emotional terms, college continues to be a top goal of parents for their children, and of teenagers as well. In economic terms, colleges have an insatiable appetite for tuition increases. Continue reading

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Customer Feedback

I asked it for when I asked the following question about customer-centricity on Twitter, as I had a conversation in the preceding days with a fellow from a large corporate. Customer-centricity was recently adopted as an internal mantra, but the manifestation of that was…wait for it…sentiment analysis. It’s a start, right? But is it really a difference-maker? Continue reading

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Do large companies need a Slow Development movement?

A rush to “get something out” can be driven by the calendar. In startup companies, specifically software ones, the advice is to release often. Get stuff out there, see how it performs. Y Combinator’s Paul Graham advocates this. But does that advice work for large companies? Continue reading

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