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How Technology Is Changing the Skills We Need to Learn

I think the question itself is misplaced. Clearly, we use technology to do things for us that we no longer are doing for ourselves and that means certain abilities degenerate. Yet, it also means that we are freeing up cognitive energy for other things. So what’s really important is not the skills we are losing but those that we need to develop. Continue reading

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In 1960, Harvard professor Theodore Levitt published a landmark paper in Harvard Business Review that urged executives to ask, “What business are you really in?” Even today, a half century later, his challenge still resonates. Continue reading

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Machines are beginning to take over cognitive tasks and now algorithms are even doing the work of highly skilled professionals like doctors, lawyers and creative people. If you want to avoid being replaced by a robot these days, you better learn the right kind of skills. Continue reading

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The truth is that disruption has little to do with individuals, but is primarily a function of networks and, if we are to deal with disruption, it is the unseen connections we need to understand. Continue reading

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Cognitive Computing and Collaboration

Today, as we enter a new age of cognitive computing, we’re all going to have to learn to adapt and, in effect, fly-by-wire. Much of the skill and expertise that professionals used to spend an entire career earning is now being outsourced to computers and we, like the flyboys, will have to learn to partner with machines—and each other—in order to compete. Continue reading

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The future of innovation is simulation. It used to be that we might sit amongst ourselves and decide how the world might work and test our ideas in the market, now we can test them in a virtual environment built by real world data at much lower levels of cost and risk. Continue reading

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Greg Satell on Google, Facebook, the management challenge, new vs old, and the ‘probably most important insight of all’. Continue reading

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