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Midnight Lunch - Dishing on Collaboration

One of the biggest stall points I see in organizations today lies in the lack of true collaboration in innovation teams. Continue reading

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The Bleeding Edge of Innovation

The OI executives I spoke with described themselves as operating at the bleeding edge of innovation. In their words, by participating in Open Innovation, they are daily risking career- ending failures. Continue reading

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What is a Midnight Lunch? Closing the Collaboration Gap

I believe there’s a crucial gap in our approach to innovation: we forget that collaboration is a vital part of the innovation process. In fact, I would go even farther and say we’re lacking a baseline sense of what collaboration really is. This gap is especially dangerous given the expanding connection between human beings and virtual technologies…globally. Continue reading

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Innovation 101 - The New Role of Context

The New Innovation 101 – Forget Industry Boundaries, Develop Customer Context Continue reading

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Will Gen Y Deliver Body Blow to Fortune 500?

Will a body blow be delivered to the Fortune 500 by Gen Y? Given that these budding young workers will comprise as much as 75% of the US workforce by 2025, organizations must heed Gen Y’s emerging views of progress, or risk losing vital fuel for the innovation and collaboration engines so crucial to staying competitive today.
Continue reading

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The State of the Union address often serves as my first mile marker for reviewing the goals I set for the coming year. It’s right about now that the shiny New Year’s resolutions we made on January 1st don’t look so compelling. At best, many of us have lost a big dose of the motivation we felt for our goals in the first place. At worst, our resolutions have evaporated into thin air. Continue reading

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Is Social Media Really Collaboration in Disguise?

What’s the difference between using social media tools, and collaborating? If I’m using social media to the maximum extent, am I suddenly also being collaborative?

Lately, it appears “using social media” is equivalent to “collaboration.” I hear this erroneous collapsing of genres particularly in the realm of open innovation and crowd-sourcing. Continue reading

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