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Be Fruitful and Multiply: The Multiplication Technique

A common problem in photography is the occurrence of red-eye, like you see here. Redeye happens when the flash of a camera goes into the eyeball. But today’s cameras have a clever and simple way to defeat redeye. They have a dual flash. Voila! No redeye. This innovation is a classic example of the multiplication technique. Continue reading

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Innovation Through Task Unification

The famous inventor, Thomas Edison, lived in a beautiful home. But something was unusual about the gate that led into his house… Continue reading

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Start Your Innovation Engines: 5 Tips to Being Creative in Any Job

A college diploma is one key to starting your career engine, but learning to be more creative could help turbo-charge it. Just like college coursework, creativity can be learned—you don’t have to be born with these skills. Continue reading

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The Innovator

Even though companies want innovation, resistance to it is strong. After all, innovative ideas, by their very nature, are risky. They are likely to cause some form of change, and people are naturally fearful of change. Continue reading

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The Myth of Serendipitous Innovation

In 1891, a physical education teacher named James Naismith invented the game of basketball when he nailed two ordinary peach baskets to the wall of a gymnasium. His students loved the game. But, there was a problem. Every time a player shot the ball into the basket, somebody had to get up on a ladder and take it out.. Continue reading

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How Patterns Boost Our Performance...Without Even Knowing It

Humans are creatures of habits, and these habits can be analyzed and codified into rules that help us perform better. Many times, we’re not even aware of the habits that control our choices. Continue reading

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The Division Technique: Cutting Innovation Down to Size

You can frequently make groundbreaking innovations simply by dividing a product into “chunks” to create many smaller versions of it. These smaller versions still function like the original product, but their reduced size delivers benefits that users wouldn’t get with the larger, “parent” product. Continue reading

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