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Innovation frequently arises from combining things – from the integration, even the collision of diverse ideas, objects, even people….so how do you collide? where do you collide? Continue reading

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Iteration, Collaboration, and Innovation

“Even a brown box can be innovative when you think about supply chain, how you bring it to market,” Waite says. But that can only happen if you provide an atmosphere where your employees’ innovation can thrive. “I have to make sure I give them freedom and latitude, and make sure I don’t shut them down,” says Waite, who personally answers his own phone calls. “I can shut that down by a wrong word, a wrong tone in a meeting. I tell my managers, ‘Try to have an open mind every day you come to work — how can you do it better and make it better?’” While he’s open to ideas, Waite also points back to the process it takes for one to become reality. “I always first say to them, ‘Have you talked to the people at your local level first?’” he says. “No. 1, that respects the … Continue reading

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The most important currency of the 21st century isn’t money, it’s not even anything tangible – it’s connections – relationships – the network Continue reading

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Transforming Culture via Innovation

Mike Waite, President of Menasha Packaging, talks about how they transformed 160+yr old commodity market, old industry company into a customer-focused, innovative and cool place to work. Recorded for the Mills-Scofield & BW Center for Innovation and Growth Open Innovation Success Stories Panel, May 18, 2010.

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Packaging up Innovation

Who says the established old companies can’t innovate? It takes courage and will – but it can be done…and at more formidable levels than thought! Continue reading

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Heretic! Devil’s Advocate! Trouble-Maker – these are the words for 21st Century innovators – so are you one? Continue reading

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Why is execution so hard?

I just finished two strategic planning sessions with two clients.  Both are very good at execution which got me thinking, again, about why execution is so hard. And sometimes,executing excellently is a major customer and competitive advantage! You know the adage; I’d rather have a B plan with A execution than an A plan with B execution. So why is this so hard- well, not sure how wired our brains are for execution in the first place. As humans, we tend to focus on the here and now – the present – the crisis du jour, what’s in front of us, the day to day.  It’s harder to focus on the longer-term that is a bit less ‘tangible’ and more ‘abstract’. Let’s face it, how many of us keep New Year’s resolutions?  Perhaps it’s just how we are.  But, that’s no excuse is it! In my experience at AT&T, a few startups I was … Continue reading

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