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Networking as Survival

We think about networking as a very modern notion, with our accumulation of virtual “friends,” “followers” and people-who-might-be-useful-to-us-someday. To me, it is just an extension of what my people, my family have been doing since 70 AD – making critical connections that enable both our survival. The tools may have changed, but our reliance on the network has not. In fact, without the network, I literally wouldn’t be alive. Continue reading

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Reinventing Collaboratively

Using collaboration to innovate innovation – why not? Continue reading

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Can Innovation Balance with Status Quo?

We think of Innovation and Status Quo as polar opposites…but are they really? Continue reading

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Is your innovation glass half full or empty?

Have you ever known anyone who explicitly says that innovation is important? No! So listen carefully for the magic word – BUT. Some of you know how much I love to challenge the status quo so here’s my theory… Continue reading

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Keep Failing Until...

Everything matters. The culture of innovation fostered by Louis, the passion of every employee doing what they know how to do and an organization that is connected with a shared mission is our formula. Will it work? We believe it will but if you don’t, ask me again in 13 months and 13 days. Continue reading

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Raise an Innovation #RCUS

How do you approach innovation? How do you solve system-level problems? Well, you can’t start with ‘broken’! Business Innovation Factory’s 7th annual conference, BIF-7, was rich with the art of the possible. Continue reading

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Collaboration Over Decades at MPC

Collaboration is all the talk now, but it was 20+ years ago for a midwest manufacturing company who ‘got it’ early on Continue reading

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